Modifying ADT Arm/Stay Rules to add delay?

Hi everyone, I’m a new ST user who was forced over to a new platform by Iris. I tried the ST v3 hub, and now have the ADT ST Hub instead. I’m all set up, and am overall happy with the platform. I’m using the ADT Tools 2 apps to link my external siren and my Arlo Base station sirens together when the alarm goes off.

My question is - is it possible to modify the rules for ADT Stay and Away settings? I really need a delay before the alarm goes off in Stay mode, and can’t figure out how to add one. When I come downstairs in the morning, sometimes I forget to disarm the system before letting the dogs out, and on Iris, I was able to add a delay to the “stay” setting as there is with the away setting.

Thanks in advance, I’ve already learned a lot from this community in a short period of time, and looking forward to picking up more tips and tricks.

The “quick exit” button on the ADT panel will temporarily ignore sensors for 60 seconds and is intended to allow you to Leave the house or let a dog out while keeping the system in stay mode. For example if one person is going to work while another one is still sleeping. :sleeping: but you would have to press it again before opening the door to let the dog back in.

I don’t think there’s any other way to do it, But @Mavrrick58 might know.

So i think my first queation is are you talking about a delay for the external siren and the arlo base siren. Or is the internal siren going off as well.

If the internal siren is going off it sounds like you need to modify the sensor setup in the ADT security settings on the ADT Dashboard to be entry exit sensors instead of perimeter sensors.

If it is just the external sirens that are going off it is ADT Tools 2 doing it. Generally speaking it doesn’t delay in that condition. This was a gap in SHM and as such not something i was trying to remedy. Unfortunately that doesnt help or provide a decent reason for you coming from iris though.

The solution for many SHM users was a delay that was set on the siren itself. Basically it would trigger and the siren would go into a silent armed mode for a period of time before it let loose. I think that us specific to the sirens though.

The best option is to have ADT smartthings door/window sensors at entry/exit points.

Let me know what scenario it actually is and i will see if i can come up with a solution.

Hi @Mavrrick58 , seems you are the master over here. I switched the main entry/exit door sensor to “perimeter” type in order to trigger the alarm with no delay, but the system is still delaying the alarm internal siren, starting counting down as the original delay when I programmed first time the sensor as entry/exit. I would like no delay in order to avoid to intruder “look for” the hub and destroy it, I think immediate siren could warning and take the intruder by surprise, any idea why the system is keeping delay? (I set it in Tool Box 30 seconds as delay, is the minimum value permited in the hub screen)

Well changing the sensor from entry/exit to perimeter should take away the entry delay. Are you sure the change took on the sensor?

@Mavrrick58 I have a question along the same lines. We have recently had a string of forced entry breakins. I would like to modify how long it takes for the alarm to go off. Preferably I would like it to go off sooner. Within the 30 second prior to the alarm going off, someone could have made it to my childs room or my room. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



If you are wanting it less then 30 seconds then this means you would have to function outside of how the ADT Alarm panel was intended to work. That doesn’t mean that there is a problem exactly, but just that you have to keep that in mind when setting stuff up right. You have to remember that something yo do on one may not impact the other.

So a few questions first.

  1. Are you using ADT Tools?
  2. Did you go through the process to setup the SHM Integration?
  3. Do you use the new app or the old app?
  4. Do you have external sirens in addition to the one in the Alarm Pane?
  5. What exactly are you looking for when it comes to entry alert functionality? ie no delay immediate alarm.