ADT ST Auto Arm / Disarm

I have the ADT Smartthings Hub and would like to set a schedule for the system to arm at midnight and disarm at 6AM. I saw the ADT Tools which someone amazing built but, did not seem to offer this feature. Anyway to do it?

Using webCore you can use the disarm(), armAway('armedAway') and armStay('armedStay') commands.

Note: This is not officially exposed or supported. However, I have been successfully doing this for well over 6 months now.

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Though ADT tools doesn’t itself setup a schedule, you can setup routines/automations to do it once ADT Tools Mode change child app is configured. You would just create a routine/automation to press the button/switch associated with the mode at the times you want.

Thanks for this info, I am using it with webCore to automatically arm the system in the armStay mode at 10 PM if it is not already armed and it works great!! Any idea if there is a parameter to arm in the stay mode without entry delay. The panel has a soft button labeled “Entry Delay” to accomplish this but would like to incorporate it in the piston.

It doesn’t look like the ADT Tools child app button does anything. What am I doing wrong?

The button code is a device handler not a child app. Please read through the information at for installation instructions.

Thanks, i fiddle with the on/off options in ADT Tools 2 menu related to the buttons back and forth and magically it started working now. Still no idea why it didn’t work previously.

I have adt panel and I installed adt tools
I want to auto arming adt panel at 10 pm
Using adt tool button. After automation setup
I tried to auto arm.but it is not working.
How can I correct it

Does ADT Tools work otherwise.

Can you arm and disarm with the Virtual button setup for mode change?