Option for RGB bulb with distinct Cold White and Warm White

I’m working on a device handler for a wifi bulb that has separate cold white and warm white leds along with red, green and blue. I know how to send the commands to the bulb to turn on cold white and warm white, but I’m wondering the best way to create the device handler. Using a color wheel control, I’ll just be adjusting the rgb leds. Do I just make to tiles for warm white and cold white? How would that work with voice control?

I looked at the Simulated RGBW device handler, and it has a color temperature slider. I guess I could use this and at the lowest temp, the warm white would be FF and Cold white would be 00; and at the highest temp, warm white would be 00 and cold white FF?

Not even sure where to start with color temp.

Sorry, I’m going to talk to myself in this thread while I work it out. It looks like Lady “A” sends a color temperature between 2200 and 7000 (this makes sense). What I need to figure out is how to convert the numeric value to a rrggbbwwcc value.

Tasmota also has a color temperature setting, but it’s from 153-500. Guess I could do a little math to go from 2200 to 153 and from 7000 to 500.

For what it’s worth, most voice assistants seem to have a predefined set of white colors that they will accept, plus “cooler” or “warmer.”Rather than a numeric or percentage value. But a few will except a Kelvin value.

Here are the Google assistant options for a C by GE lights:

You can simply change the color temperature of C-Sleep bulbs with voice prompts through your Google Home device.
Hey Google, change my [name of lights] to soft white. [options: cool white, bright white]
Hey Google, change my [name of lights] to candlelight [this is a PM setting].
Hey Google, change my [name of lights] to white [this is an AM setting].
Hey Google, change my [name of lights] to 2700 kelvin [2,000 – 7,000 range].

Alexa is similar. I was looking more as to what the expected behavior would be.

For example, if the lights are currently red and you change the temp to 5000k, does it auto change to white or just store the 5000k until the next time you change to white? I went through other device handlers and figured it out, though. Looks like the former is the expected behavior.

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