Alexa's support for color "White" on simulated RGB

I’m pretty sure I might have programmed myself into a corner but maybe someone here can help?

I have a custom setup that I threw together.

I have a simulated RGB device that I talk to using REST.
I wrote a python app that runs of a raspberry pi that parses the device every second for changes. If its changed, it gets the RGB and DeviceID and spits it out over an nrf24l01 where I have custom micro-controllers that receive and change the value.

I can set any color, brightness I want except white… To me white is an RGB value 255,255,255 however Alexa tells me that its not supported possibly trying to set “temperature”.

Is there any other solution to this other than redoing the setup as a simulated rgbw device instead? Or is there another verbal command I can give to alexa regarding this?

Thanks again!!!

Known issue, but not technically a problem. Echo and google home both use HSV values, not RGB values. :sunglasses:

The first easy thing you can try is use the RGB for black and see what happens.

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That makes sense. I’ll give that a shot tonight. :slight_smile:

Yup that worked. Told her to set to black and change brightness to 100 and boom. White. :slight_smile: At this point am I to accept the color black as a work around unless I switch to using simulated rgbw?

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That’s up to you. This is obviously a duct tape solution, but sometimes that’s all you need as a first step. :sunglasses:

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There are ways to convert hsv to hex or anything else you want. I have my own simulated rgb device handler in my github. I use it to sync groups of lights with webcore.

I tell Alexa to change my night light color to whatever and then all the nightlights in my house (12 of them change color).

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