Oppo android auto text apps


I’ve downloaded a few apps (ifttt, trigger, power outage alarm) whose function has been set to send an SMS message when the charger is unplugged (trying to use as a power monitoring alarm for cold stock storage).

I unplug the charger and a message comes up '“appname” would send SMS to “number-i-entered”
Content: “what I told it to send”.

It has a cancel button and a send button. The cancel button has a countdown from 9. After it counts out nothing has sent.

It’s the same with all three apps and I can’t find anywhere online where folks are having the same issue, so maybe it’s the phone having a secret setting. It’s an oppo a73.

Please help!!

(Don) #2

If you can’t find why your phone. Possibly use autoinput to push send for you? Or Tasker? Or is Tasker on your list of tried apps?

I know people use Tasker to do things when phone switches from AC charger to battery. Myself included.