Operating V2 hub without batteries .... Remote Reboot

Is anyone operating their V2 hub without batteries installed? Are there any drawbacks?
Here’s why.
I have this in a vacation home 1200 miles away. It went off line in December and there is no comms with it at all.
then last month my Nest devices went off line … no remote recovery. The ISP can ping the DSL modem.
I was going to put a GSM switch downstream from a UPS for the power to the Modem, switch, WAP, and the Smartthings hub so I can remotely power it off and back on.
Any side effects of running the Smartthings without batteries in this set-up?

Since hub will be connected to a UPS, i do not see anything wrong with the setup.

You can power off hub from the UPS once on the network?

If I understand your question correctly …
I’ll only have one GSM Power switch. It will power everything (after the UPS) down and back up at once.
Brute force I know. I could add another GSM switch … more bits to it though.

Oh I understand now. Yes, your setup will work. Brute force is the last resort in an emergency when your 1200 miles away lol

Yes, I would try the dainty genteel techniques first. Sometimes a sledge hammer is required.
Thanks for the input.

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You could also just employ an inexpensive AC timer outlet that is set to power off the V2 hub (w/o batteries) at midnight and immediately back on on a frequency you create (e.g. daily, weekly).