Open Fortrezz Water Value Routine, or Scene, or Virtual Switch Help

I want my Fortrezz water valve to shut off the water an hour after everyone leave the home. So I added that command to the good bye routine and it works. BUT, I want it to turn the water valve back on or open when someone arrives, and that does not work. I tried setting this up in the welcome home routine, I tried creating a scene, and tried creating a virtual switch…nothing will cause the valve to open other an going to “my home” page on the app and tapping the valve on the screen.

Any suggestions?


How about a custom rule in Smart Home Monitor? If the valve DTH you’re using has “switch” capabilities, then select Alert With Lights and pick your valve.

I don’t believe ST’s default DTH has the switch capability, but I’ve asked anyway in case you’re using a custom handler.


Just for fun and experimentation, I modified ST’s default DTH for the Fortrezz valve to include “switch” capabilities so it will show up for you in SHM (and other apps too).

I’m making the assumption that the “on” command closes the valve based upon how their DTH works, so keep that in mind when you’re experimenting. ON = close the valve and OFF = open the valve.

teach them how to do the manual override, because they will need it.

Alexa / Voice interface is probably a good idea