Fortrezz Water Valve Control

Hello all smarthings wizards. I am a newby and have about 25 zwave switches and other stuff hooked up to a vacation house which is generally working pretty good through the st app. I went with St and zwave technology around the primary need to be able to turn the water to the home on and off to avoid a water disaster while I am not there. Fortrezz was expensive but fit the task and everything went from there. The valve works fine on st app;however I want to be able to either have a physical Ge zwave switch at the location that could be physically turned on or off at the location or be voice controlled by amazons Alexa in case of an internet outage. I have Alexa linked and working correctly but the water valve is not an Alexa controllable resource. I tried to creat a virtual switch and have Alexa control it that way but no smart app that I am aware of will make such a link to the water valve either. I tried to use smart app to link physical Ge zwave switch to the water valve and it’s not available either. Any suggestions or help. I am willing to pay someone to write whatever programming that needs to be written along with a few other desires that I have that I have also not been able to get working like getting my aeon house electrical meter working with st other than to see it as a switch, as well as to get a plug in multi sensor working which st also just sees as a switch.
Mike Elliott

Unfortunately that option won’t work since you need the Internet for that to work.

You can already do this with Smart Lighting, especially if the valve is set up correctly in ST and is seen as a switch. When you look at the valve in the app, does it show up with just an on/off button?

Try this: Create a new lighting automation, and when prompted for which lights you want to control, see if your valve shows up in the list. If it does, answer the rest of the questions, select “switch” as a trigger, select the GE switch you want to use, and you’re pretty much done.

What device type is the HEM using, and is it version 1 or 2 (HEM, not your hub)? Make sure it’s using the device type called “Aeon Home Energy Meter”.

Can you be more specific? Which manufacture of the multi sensor?

I tried to use the smart lighting option but the Fortrezz does not show up as a switch but rather as a water valve which works perfectly in st. It is however not available as a switch when I tried to use the smart lighting app.

The Aeon Hone Energy Meter is using the Aeon Home Energy Meter as the automatically found type, but after installation, I can only see who many kWh was used during some undisclosed time period. I tried to download and install a custom type developed by “storageanarchy” but I guess my skills are not of sufficient development yet as I could not get it to work. When I run the app not in st, I get a very simple page that only tells me kWh without any more information or any other way to change or look further into it.


The sensor I have is a HomeSeer HSM200 as that is the only wave sensor that I could find that is a plug in one vs a battery operated sensor as I wanted to put it in the basement and forget it without having to change batteries every few month’s. It is only indicated in st as a switch with on and off capabilities or I can change the color of the light on the sensor which of course does me no good.

The only function that I care about in the HSM200 is the temperature sensor so I can see how cold it is in the basement.

Have you searched the community for a device type yet? The HSM200 is not natively supported by ST, so the community has written a device handler for it:

Here’s more info:

You’ll need to create a custom device handler for yourself, and from the little reading I’ve been able to do, it looks like several others have it working well.

Based on the picture you just posted, something isn’t right. I’ve never seen it with a graph like that. It looks like it’s using the device type “Aeon Home Energy Meter + C3”. Can you go into the IDE and change it to use “Aeon Home Energy Meter”?

Ok, that makes sense. The options you have are to create a custom device handler to add “switch” as a capability so that you can use Smart Lighting, or develop a SmartApp for this use case. I think a device handler would be easier, so I put one together for you:

When used as a switch, ON closes the valve, and OFF opens the valve. This code does not change how your valve previously worked, it just adds more capabilities so that more SmartApps can use it.

With that code, Smart Lighting will find your valve. You can now tell it to turn ON when triggered by your GE switch.

EDIT: Just in case you need some help with custom code, here’s a great resource:

Doing stuff like this, and using the IDE will open up a whole lot more for you with SmartThings!