Opening a Fortrezz water valve with a smart app

Is there an existing smart app or an app with similar code that can open a z-wave device using the binary switch set command (in this case the Fortrezz WV-01 water valve in water alarm mode)? The Fortrezz owner’s manual says the valve will turn on when the binary switch set command value=0x00, but I need some sample code to work with. I adapted a sample smart app to successfully send device handler instructions for valve=open() but the instructions say that this water valve will only open for the z-wave binary switch set command. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @ReedCabin,

What are you trying to accomplish? SHM’s Leaks section will close the valve as an Action if a leak is detected. You can use Rule Machine too.

SMH can close the valve, but the Fortrezz valve will only open manually after it is closed unless you can send the z-wave binary switch set command. So my goal is to be able to open it automatically too, not just close it as it’s location is inconvenient for manual reset. Thanks.


I’m a bit confused. ST’s default device handler does that already. It can’t get any more convenient than opening the phone app from almost anywhere in the world and taping on Open. There is no need to go to the valve and manually open it. Here’s a snippet of code in the DH for the tile that controls open/close:

	standardTile("contact", "", width: 2, height: 2, canChangeIcon: true) {
		state "open", label: '${name}', action: "valve.close", icon: "", backgroundColor: "#53a7c0", nextState:"closing"
		state "closed", label: '${name}', action: "", icon: "st.valves.water.closed", backgroundColor: "#e86d13", nextState:"opening"
		state "opening", label: '${name}', action: "valve.close", icon: "", backgroundColor: "#ffe71e"
		state "closing", label: '${name}', action: "", icon: "st.valves.water.closed", backgroundColor: "#ffe71e"

Do you have the valve installed and working?

EDIT: Perhaps even better than the default “Fortrezz Water Valve” DH, ST has another DH available called “Z-Wave Water Valve” you can try using.

I tried the Fortrezz Water Valve DH and it still does not open. I can’t find the “Z-wave water valve” DH you mention. Probably user error on my part as I’m new to this.

The issue I’m having is described in the Fortrezz owner’s manual pages 6 & 7.

“…However, in Water Alarm Mode, a Basic Set Command (value = 0x00) will not cause a Water Valve to open the ball valve. Instead, the Water Valve will respond with a Z-Wave “Application Rejected Request” transmission. This is because you must manually open the Water Valve after fixing the leak…”…“Note: The Binary Switch Set Command, to open or close the valve, will always operate immediately…”


EDIT: Similar problem from two users in the thread "FortrezZ water valve and SmartThings left me high and dry"
EDIT2: Just heard from Fortrezz support and they think the unit might be defective. The above situation is still legit, but I’m going to return it just to be sure. Will post results of new valve in a couple weeks.

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Hi @ReedCabin, It’s odd that ST has the DH in their github repo, but not selectable in the IDE, but here it is:

I just looked at the document and the discussion you referenced, and all I can say is - return it. That’s an expensive valve and you get more bang for the buck (and functionality) with the Lowe’s Leaksmart water valve

Seriously, if the Lowe’s valve will fit, I’d go with that solution over the Fortrezz if you can still return it.

Thanks for looking into it and for the advice. I will look into the Leaksmart.