Open/close sensor should only work in away mode, but works all the time?

I have tried to search for an answer to this question but now I need to post it here (forgive me if I’m not in the correct place). I am kinda new to the Smartthings world, I’m tech smart, good with computers and smartphones but this iOS app is driving me crazy!

I am using the current Smartthings iOS app and have the new iPhone 6+. I have a open/close multi-sensor that was notifying me when my sliding door is open or closed, but only when I’m away. Now the problem is it’s notifying me when I am home as well.

I recently added my wife’s smartphone as a presence sensor (which took 2 days to figure out with the help from technical support), and finally everything is working… but now this?

I think I’m missing a smart app that tells the sensor to notify only in away mode… if true, where do I find it? Or maybe I already have what I need since I’m getting notified that the door is open & closed… just wish it would only do that when both smartphone presence sensors are away and out of the geo-fence!

Would someone please help me??


Same exact issue here - doesn’t seem to be working properly.