Open close sensor not logging live events

Hello, need some assistance, my Open close sensors are not logging live events. How do I fix this?

Are they not logging open / close? What brand are they? If ST multi-sensor is it reporting acceleration / temp?

they are st, yes reporting temp and acc.

I’ve had this happen to me before. It is really frustrating. I’ve not had it happens since the OTA update beta (which is good) except for the day of. The fix for me was to take the battery out, wait 5-10 seconds, put it back in.

Yes, that is exactly what I have been doing, but to do it every day is annoying. Is there not a fix or a better sensor to use?

It is weird that its reporting some things and not others.

How old is the device? Maybe needs new batteries.
Does it get stuck open or closed? Magnet placement may need to be adjusted.
Is this just a single device, do you have others that are working? Sounds like you have multiples.

I have noticed in my Android app that in the room view, that the status does not refresh quickly. Opening up the device handler usually has the right status.

I know when I disabled insecure rejoin I was doing battery pulls daily on devices.

I am having the same issue. Not reporting open/close, but is reporting temp and activity (acceleration).

The last time I had this much trouble with zigbee devices was wifi interference. I moved my wifi channel away from the one used by the zigbee radio in ST hub. Haven’t had any issues since.

you mean moving the actual router, or changing the wifi channel? Also, my router is 4 stories up and about 50 feet over so it is at least 100 feet from any sensors.

Physical (which you have covered) and wifi channel. Look in the IDE to see what the hub is using for channel and try moving your wifi away from it.

Just remember zigbee channel != wifi channel. Check this page to see where your zigbee channel overlaps with you 2.4ghz network. In my case zigbee is 14 so that overlaps with channel 1 2.4 ghz.

I can tell you that in my experience avoiding 2.4ghz channel 1 hasn’t changed much for me. Getting devices that acted as zigbee extenders helped more, but tossing all my ge link bulbs helped the most.

So the other day I added in the smart sense plug to act as a repeater down in the hallway that these sensors are in and it seems the the issue is much better. So it looks like it is a signal issue.