Outdoor sensor for a garage gate?

I’m looking for an outdoor sensor for a garage gate that I can use to detect whether my outdoor gate is open or closed. Something like the multi but will work outdoors. Any suggestions? I’m relatively new to the world of Zigbee Z-Wave and SmartThings. I bought the starter kit and have my garage door sensor (SmartThings Multi) working great!

A lot of people are using the multi on their roadside mailboxes. You should be able to use it on your gate. Unless there is something I’m not thinking of.


I would wrap it in a plastic bag if it could get wet. This may affect temperature readings but the main thing is the open/close I would suspect.

I’m actually curious, what sort of range should we expect out of the multis? My barn is about 50 yards from the hub (an exterior wall on barn/house each) and a 10’ drop. Should I just be able to take a multi out there? If not, is there a Zigbee range extender, or would I need to put a second hub in the barn? I haven’t really tried, I’ve kept them to the main house & garage mostly.

There are lots of scenarios I could use it for out there; water/temperature in the cupboard with the hot water heater, temperature/light at the chicken house, door open/closed for the forgetful folks.

Just received my kit Friday but it looks like the motion sensor functions as a range extender when used with USB power. Maybe an option there.

If you put a smartsense motion in the barn and power it through the mini-usb port and a wall wort, it will act as a zigbee repeater. A powered zwave outlet will act as a Zwave repeater.


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