Looking for a zigbee sensor with a dry contact

currently have a zwave dry contact sensor that i can pair when close to hub but when i install it on my gate outside it looses connection with the hub. i assumed it would mesh back to the hub but it’s not working. I tried to pair the sensor from the gate but it never is seen by the hub. tried a zwave repair before and after pairing but nothing. i do have plenty of zwave devices close by that all work so it technically shouldnt be a problem. i was thinking of finding a zigbee sensor with dry contact to replace this zwave sensor. any suggestions on such a sensor. looking for a zigbee open/close sensor with dry contact

The zigbee profiles used by SmartThings have a much shorter range than zwave plus, about 40 feet vs about 125. So I’m not sure that’s going to help.

Did you try first pairing the sensor close to the hub, then moving it out to the gate, then running the zwave repair?

Also, what’s the brand and model number of the sensor?

yes i did try that but didn’t work. I once had this working but am unable to get it to work again. tried two of the same sensors. Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO

my hub is currently wired, do you know if i can setup wireless without starting all over and setting up my devices again. If i can get my hub on wireless then problem solved. V3 hub

What is brand and model of the z wave repeater devices you have that are near the gate?

Are you installing it in an enclosure or near other devices that might be interfering with the radio signals?

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I was recently able to get my V3 switched over to WiFi without resetting it, following these steps:

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