Open Close Device that is meant to stay open?

I’m testing an open close device that is meant to stay open. I have excluded it in the Smart Home Monitor (SMH). And yet, when SMH goes to Away mode, it alerts me that the device is open. And repeatedly reminds me thereafter. Can I prevent this?

Have you excluded it for both Armed (Stay) and Armed (Away) modes?

FYI… you may want to start looking at the new app and STHM. The Classic app is in the process of being phased out by the end of the year :slight_smile:

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Oh. I did start using the new app. But I’m also using the old app. I probably just didn’t use the right words in my OP, but I rebuilt the alarm settings in the new app, so I think (?) I’m using the new STHM… but I’ll check and rebuild. And I’ll follow @orangebucket’s advice and check both again. I’ll report back in next few days if anything changes or not. Thanks all!

I had both SHM in the classic and the new STHM in the app going, not realizing they are different implementations. It may be that the old classic monitor has to be deleted, else conflicts ensue. I removed it. Now I only have the new app version working. I’ll see how it goes and report back.

I think it was just the conflict issue. Everything seems good now. Bottom line: delete all of the security setup in the Classic before rebuilding it in the new app for best results.