Google home integration help please

Hi guys.
I’m after some advice on the Google home/assistant integration of my Smartthings setup.
I’ve recently got my first Google device which is the Google Home hub.
I’ve added the SmartThings action and all my devices are listed.
But for some reason all my Contact sensors and motion sensors don’t seem to be detected properly they do show as sensors in the list but don’t respond to anything like asking the status.
And also I have a thermostat in my Smartthings setup that works great but that doesn’t respond correctly within the Google setup,
So I added the action for my hive thermostat and that does work but now I have 2 thermostats and I can’t seem anywhere to delete the other from teh Google app.
Hope I’ve explained everything right, i can’t find a Google forum for support so thought I’d ask you guys as it is linked to my Smartthings :blush:

Google Home help forum for the UK:

General Google Home support page for both US and UK

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Are you familiar with the Google SmartApp? Don’t know about the ‘new’ SmartThings app but in the Classic app it is under Automations > SmartApps. That let’s you choose to either let Google Assistant see all your devices and routines or to let you pick and choose. That doesn’t have a section for motion sensors so I’m a bit surprised if motion sensors appear in Google Assistant. Mine don’t.

What about the ‘sync my devices’ command to get Google Assistant to refresh the devices imported from third party services? That often helps when things are a bit odd. You are probably supposed to be able to do the same thing in the Google Home app with a pull down on the appropriate page.

The Google Home app just presents a generic icon for a contact sensor and calls it a ‘sensor’. You can’t usefully interact with it in the Google Home app. Don’t know about the Home Hub. However you should be able to use voice or text commands though. Like ‘Is the name of device open?’. In the UK we are in the dark ages Google Home wise, but that does work.

I don’t have a thermostat and my only temperature sensor is part of a multiple capability device and that only shows up as a switch, so I’ve no idea what they appear as. However again for temperature sensors you can ask ‘what is the temperature of name of device?’

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Thanks guys
The Google Smartapp on the classic app doesn’t allow you to select individual devices I’m afraid.
I’ve just got off live chat with Google and the guy has got them to respond to me now so I can ask what the status of the door is etc.
I think the motion sensors have been picked up because they detect temp so I can now ask them what temp they are.
But I’ve still got 2 thermostats showing , wish I could easily delete the none responding one.

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There should be an ‘Allow Google Assistant to access all devices, Scenes, and Routines’ option at the top. I think it defaults to ‘on’ and it arguably isn’t obvious that the ‘off’ option allows you to pick and choose.


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Ah thanks I just left it to the default allow all I didn’t realise that option would appear when I changed it.

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when taking thinks out of google, make sure they are not in a room, and give it 24H for them to disaprer.
i had a device 3 times showing in google home!

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The Google Smartapp on the classic app doesn’t allow you to select individual devices I’m afraid.
I’ve just got off live chat with Google and the guy has got them to respond to me now so I can ask what the status of the door is etc.

Hey Steve, I am very I’m interested in how you are abe to ask the status of a door etc, did the Google guy set it up or just tell you how?.. or just tell you how to do it?



I may be totally missing the boat here, so this is FWIW.

I don’t have a Google Assistant, but I am running Google Home on my Android in the US.

My motions and door sensors are listed in the app. I’m able to get the status of a contact sensor by asking if it’s open. For example, “Is the front door open”. So maybe it’s how you are phrasing the query.

I’m not sure about the status of a motion. I tried a couple questions but they did not work.

I’m not sure if he did something or I was just doing it wrong or saying it wrong even,
But yeah you just say “ok Google is the ‘name’ open”.
Oh and yeah you can select individual devices on the classic as I found out the other day you just unselect the slider at the top and it then let’s you choose.

Yeah I think it was me doing it wrong , I can only ask for the temp from a motion sensor which is all Google allow apparently.
But he wasn’t able to sort my icons out as motion sensors and contact sensors both show a shield , but I’m not bothered about that.

Mine show as a shield too.

Even the motion sensors ?
A guy on a Facebook group sent me a screenshot and his were square icons.

Yep, even then. I have a couple types and they are all the shield.

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Thanks mate
Just having a play now
Looking good so far