Once Again Samsung DIssapoints

When is the madness at Samsung going to stop? You’d think that all appliances would now be smart coming out of a company that - oh i don’t know - OWNS SmartThings.

Wife just bought a new fridge - had to be Samsung…NO SMART built in. Not even an OPTION for smart. And make no mistake - this is no cheap fridge, the price was North of $3k.

Samsung, if you are listening - fix this.

You must have never seen the family hub fridge they offer…It’s quite possibly the most obnoxious “Smart” fridge in existence.


What “smart stuff” do you need or want your fridge to do?

I’ve had Samsung Fridge for 4 years without any problems except one failed LED segment in the temperature display.

If the power fails and temperature is falling, then SmartThings connection is likely to be lost anyway. If the ice maker / water leaks, this is more reliably detected with regular leak sensors…


If you wanted a smart fridge, you should have purchased one instead of complaining about it not having something it never claimed to have.


Most companies make many different models with different features. If you want smart features, you need to make sure they are part of the product description for the particular model that you are buying ( preferably before you take delivery).

In the case of high end Samsung refrigerators, I believe the “family hub” Model line has IOT features, and the “chef collection” line does not.

Some people don’t want a Wi-Fi enabled appliance. Choice is good. But it does mean you have to read the feature offerings carefully.


Did you bother to read? I never said I THOUGHT it had smart in it, I sad I expect a product that is made by Samsung, the owners of SmartThings - which isn’t a just on the market product - its actually a BIG samsung PUSH for smartthings - to have smart built in.

I can’t believe that a +$3k fridge made by Samsung in 2018 has ZERO capability to connect to SmartThings.

Its stupid and its a disservice to Samsung SmartThings Owners. I don’t expect GE or LG or any other NON SMARTTHING company to build it into their products - put please…its Samsung…

I didn’t THINK this fridge had smart in it, my complaint is that the expectation as a consumer and an owner of SmartThings is that the company who OWNS SmartThings would be producing THEIR appliances with SmartThings in them.

The problem with the “family Hub” (which btw is LESS expensive then the fridge we just bought) is I also expect my appliances to last more than 3 years. The fridge I am replacing is 15 years old - not sure if you are using tech from 15 years ago, but I sure don’t expect to be using tech from today in 15 years…especially a tablet.

re read what i wrote.

I want a company that owns SmartThings to produce SmartThings enabled products - I expect this from them, not one in their lineup but every thing in their line up - especially in 2018.

how about sending an error code when something has failed - say the ice maker stops working
how about the door is left open
how about temperature is too high
how about the temperature is too low

none of which have anything to do with the power…

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I do understand that that’s your expectation, but my own expectation is that companies will offer me a choice of features in different models.

Just as an example, a number of laundry detergent companies have now added childproof tops to their containers. Which is a nice feature for many people and certainly has some societal benefit.

However, I myself have very limited use of my hands and found that I could not open this container at all. :disappointed_relieved: So I would prefer that the company offer consumers a choice.

The fact that the same company offers Poison control treatments doesn’t make any difference to me. I don’t want the childproof feature on the container I am purchasing for my home.

(BTW, This exact same issue already occurred with prescription medications. The US passed regulation in 1974 requiring that all prescriptions be issued in childproof containers, and then had to withdraw it because many people who take prescription medications were unable to open their medication.

So the rules were changed to say that prescriptions would be issued in childproof containers unless the customer specifically requested an easy open container. I’m OK with that, even though it’s more work for me because I have to remember to make the special request. But again, what’s a positive feature to one person may be regarded as a negative by someone else, or even a safety hazard.

http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2017/08/09/call-kurtis-granite-bay-grandma-cant-open-kaisers-new-pill-bottles/ )

So offering refrigerators with IOT options certainly makes sense to me. But adding them to every refrigerator sold by that company does not.



Look on the bright side. You didn’t purchase an appliance for a promised feature that the manufacturer couldn’t deliver. Plenty tales of woe here!


So Samsung disappoints because they offer a line of appliances connected to a cloud, some of which are cheaper and other more expensive than the line that doesn’t offer any kind of smarts? So what about those who complain about Samsung TVs that come with a smart hub, and they wish they didn’t? Wouldn’t they be disappointed if Samsung puts a $30 chip in every fridge and called it smart?

Except your argument is not the same as mine.

Acme jars doesn’t make the products that go in their jars. And even if Acme Jars was pushing itself to be THE number one solution in jar technology I would agree that no other manufacturer of product would be expected to use Acme Jars - however a legitimate complaint would be that Acme Jars started selling Acme Products, but only chose to use their Acme jars in a relatively few of their products, but was still pushing itself as the leader in jar technology. And there was no rhyme or reason which products it used its jars on.

Samsung disappoints because a 2018 model refrigerator that costs $3600 doesn’t have ANY smarts in it, nor the option of having smart in it.

Another interesting fact - on the top of my fridge, is a nice little black plastic cover that has the logo and SmartThings written on it - pop the cover off and its an empty hole.

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Now that is hilarious. I am one of those mentioned by @Shoot31. Bought a TV advertised as working with Smartthings and is not , he, he, he… You win!

Its disappointing isn’t it? And what’s more disappointing is that nobody seems to think that there is anything wrong with"Samsung SmartThings" (not GE SmartThings or LG SmartThings) doing this to loyal Samsung customers buying Samsung products.

Are you sure that smart hub will be useful in 15 years? I’m not sure. By the same logic why do you want it in your fridge?
As you know, Samsung does have smart fridges. I have a family hub fridge (less than $3K) with tablet on the door and with smartthings built in. I don’t know what will be available in 15 years, but I’m going to enjoy using it next few years. This fridge is smart, tells me when door is left open, when filter needs to be changed, synchronizes a shopping list with phones, shows remotely what’s inside. I can mirror my phone or Samsung TV on it. I can check the status of other connected devices on fridge. It plays radio. I can even use fridge door as a sensor for alerts (use it as a sensor for “armed away” monitoring). It reads weather, news, my calendar back to me. We can remotely send photos to it, nice feature when I’m traveling. It even shows deals from grocery stores around me. I specifically choose this fridge because of these features.

Samsung gives a choice, fridge with smartthings and fridge without. You picked one without. Why is it Samsung’s problem?

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Look at it this way. Your new fridge may actually work reliably and not go offline ruining your food constantly! :smile:


You expected all the features to be included in all models. They have different models for different needs and wants. Not everybody, even among ST users, want a smart fridge so why make them pay for that feature.

Just because Samsung owns ST does not mean they have any real input. They bought it to put their name on it.

That would be different since it is labeled as working with ST.


Just sayin here… that fridge might not have even been developed(possibly 2016-2017?{released in 2018?}) after Samsung re-acquired Smartthings, which would mean that it might not have even been a thought at the time.

Edit I would look more towards the 2019 and forward models to POSSIBLY all have those features, not right before or during the first year or two of acquisition.