Once again, having to learn from square 1

New to Smartthings, currently just wrapping up my transition from IRIS. On the plus side, Lowes did good by me, basically buying back all of my Gen 1 components with a $1,300 dollar VISA card. The garage door controllers, Thermostat, Kwikset deadbolts, leak detectors, of the gen II wall plugs etc. and all of the GE wall switches I had transferred over to smartthings so no real complaints on that other than the inconvenience of having to learn a new system. I have yet to figure out what my next move will be to replace the Orbit Sprinkler control valve, but have transitioned to a different camera setup and alarm functions.

Had many issues with the so called “New App”. it configured the V3 hub no problem, but doesn’t seem to be able to auto detect anything, and struggles to install things. So far the hub has been stable for the 3 weeks or so I’ve had it, and all of the local functions work fast and reliable. There is however and annoying variable latency in functions where I use the smart lighting app and motion sensors to control variable brightness levels based on time of day etc. I’ve got virtual switches figured out to add functionality in some areas. Using my Samsung phones as presence sensors seemed like a great idea on paper, but isn’t working for me so far in any sort of reliable manner.

My biggest disappointment so far has been in trying to add functionality outside of smartthings. I added a combination of a google home hub, and several mini’s throughout the house which interface alright with smartthings for somewhat crude remote control type functions, but they can’t be triggered to perform any sort of useful speaker functions. They also have serious issues in pairing with bluetooth devices such as bose and JBL speakers so they are a significant disappointment even for basic music functions. Googles tech support seems friendly enough but don’t seem familiar with any of their products or it’s functionality. We’ve spent hours so far accomplishing nothing but assorted re-boots and re-installs.

I’m still reading and learning regarding smartthings, and will figure out whether or not I want to venture into many of the options I’m learning hear. I very much appreciate great information I’m finding here

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Welcome! Sounds like you’re off to a good start. :sunglasses:

You’ve probably already seen this thread, but it details the differences between the classic app and the new app. There is indeed quite a bit of functionality missing in the new app, but some of that seems to be design decisions. ( The topic title is a clickable link)

As for Google mini, that’s an issue with Google, nothing to do with SmartThings. At this point, if you already have Google Chrome and other google devices, you get extra functionality out of the Google voice assistants. Otherwise, right now it is easier to use echo for Home Automation or with your other speakers. But these two products keep leapfrogging each other in terms of features offered, so I do expect google will catch up in another six months or so.