Looking to jump from Iris

I am possibly looking at jumping from the Iris platform now that they are looking to sell it off, I just don’t like the uncertainty and would rather jump now while I am still at the beginning stages. I currently have 6 V2 door/window sensors, 3 V2 Motion Sensors, 2 V2 keypads, 2 V2 indoor/outdoor cams and a Nest thermostat. I have heard the contact sensors will work on SmartThings but what about the rest. What are the positives and negatives to SmartThings

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Every system has pluses and minuses, but if you are looking for certainty, smartthings is not it.

It’s in the middle of a huge transition right now: new cloud platform, new app, new hub.

So far, the new app is missing many of the features from the old app, and it’s not clear which, if any, are going to be added back. Some of them look like a strategy rather than just a delay.

For example, in the old app you could use any smartthings-recognizable condition to Disarm The security aspects, including geopresence or the Iris keypad.

In the new app, the only options are on a time schedule or actually opening the app and disarming it.

In the old app, you could unlock a door using any event that smartthings could recognize. In the new app, again you have to Open the app and do it there. (That’s a big deal for me, because I am quadriparetic and can’t use the app by myself as it is not voice reader-friendly.)

And we were just recently told that we will no longer be able to use the motion sensor on the arlo camera as a motion sensor for other home automations, even though there is an official integration. Which again we’ve been able to do for years.

We’ve been told that the old app will be going away eventually and everyone will have to use the new one, but no timeline for that.

So it’s just really hard to say where they’re going. They’ve said many times in these forums that the typical smartthings customer only has 15 devices and never uses any custom code. While many of the users in this community have over 100 devices and use all kinds of custom code. In fact, many community members chose smartthings for its custom code capabilities.

So we’re all sort of collectively holding our breath and waiting for Samsung to complete the transition and then see where we are.

Sorry, I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear right now, but I think to some extent the entire DIY Home automation industry is in flux at the moment.


True not what I want to hear but I would rather the honest answer before I jump in. I do not have many devices now but intend to have many before I am done. I haven’t decided which way to go but I am definitely evaluating my options.

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That Arlo bit is bad news. I was thinking of getting a couple of those cameras. I guess Samsung is seeking to drive us to move to their own, fully integrated camera syste… oh wait…

sorry Samsung, but yet again we see how awful your corporate systems support and customer service really are. If you are gonna take something away, at least provide a useful replacement.

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