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On at sunset and off at 10:00pm?

(Pito Salas) #1

Looking through all of the ST app I can’t find how to turn a pair of lights on at sunset and off at 10:00 pm. Can someone help?

(Michael) #2

Use the Smart Lighting app and you will need to setup 2 rules, one to turn on at sunset and another to turn off at 10.

(Pito Salas) #3

Odd that they didn’t account for that case… thanks.

(Ron Talley) #4

They do have, in SmartLighting, the turn on and also turn off function. The issue is you can’t specify a preset like Sunset and then a specific time. Kinda dumb and easy to fix but…

It’s either turn on at preset with an offset and turn off at preset with and offset


Turn on at a specific time and turn off at a specific time.

Using WebCoRE, there are no limitations.