Lights on at sunset and off at 11pm, help

I have searched with no good answer.
I would like my link bulbs to come on at sunset and then shut off at 11 pm.
To do this, do I need 2 separate automations set up in smart lighting? one for the on trigger and one for the off trigger?

That’s what I’ve found too. I have my garage exterior lights turn on at sunset and off at 10:30 PM. Previously I could do so with one configuration. Now with Smart Lighting I need to provide two separate configurations for this scenario.

so the 2 separate automations are working for you?

I have an app that will turn on my above cabinet lights on at sunset and off @ 11:45 PM, if your interested. I would post it now, but I am posting through my phone.

If setting up 2 separate automations within smart lights works, that would be ok for me. I will give it a try tonight, if it does not work, then yes, I would be interested in your app. Thanks.

That should be enough. I have multiple overlapping apps within smartlights for various purposes.

Yep, it’s been working fine for a couple of weeks now.

I’m doing this exact thing using the smart lighting app… It gives a turn off time as well…

Am I missing something in this conversation? I’m using link bulbs as well.

If you set it to turn on at a specific time, you will only be offered the option to turn off at a specific time. You can’t mix-n-match (e.g., on at sunset, off at 11 pm). The workaround, as mentioned, is to set two automations. It had to have been an oversight by ST.

Ahhhhhhh I see…

IMO this is an oversight during the current app design/development. Previous app versions did allow for Sunset On - hh:mm Off within one rule. If you chose Sunset On, current version provides only the option Sunrise Off within the same rule. Likewise, turnin on at a specific time and off at Sunrise also is not possible within the same rule.