How to Turn on at Dusk and off at a Certain Time

I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last hour. I have some outdoor lights that I want to turn on at Dusk and off at a specific time. I used the Sunrise/Sunset app to turn the lights on at Sunset, but can’t figure out how to turn them off at 2:00 AM rather than at Sunrise. How can I do this?

Are you on iOS or Android?



  1. Go into "Lights and Switches" on the dashboard.
  2. Tap the gear
  3. Tap "Add new light/switch"
  4. Give it a name "Backyard Lights"
  5. Tap "Next" at the top
  6. Choose the device(s) you want to come on
  7. Tap "Next"
  8. Choose "Turn on using a schedule"
  9. Turn on "Turn on at Sunset"
  10. Tap "Next"
  11. Tap "Done"
  12. Choose "Turn off using a schedule"
  13. Choose "Turn off at a particular time"
  14. Enter the time you want them to go off

That should do it for you.


Thanks again Twack! At some point, maybe this will sink in (I hope), I never seem to get it that I should do these things in the Dashboard In the meantime I’ve copied this to a Post-It in the middle of my computer screen lol.

BTW, I tried to check out your website but it looks like it’s down…

Hmmm working for me. Thanks for noticing though. I’ll check reports tonight.

I followed the steps in @twack’s post exactly for several outlets however the lights did not turn on at sunset.

I was using IFTTT for my wemo switches (on at sunset and off at 10PM) but now that ST labs allowed me to connect Wemo devices, I turned off the IFTTT recipes and attempted to execute using ST.
I have several questions:
Will the apps work with wemo switches or just ST switches?
How does ST obtain sunset/sunrise times? Is it based on the geofence or is there another setting I need to check?
How long does it take for the system to update? I set these apps up just 3 minutes prior to sunset so is it possible it wasn’t enough time to update?

Let us know what it does tomorrow. I think you may have been too close.

I defer to the ST folks to formally answer your questions. Maybe someone like @urman will.

Thanks twack, it worked for me, I’m going to add another couple of outdoor lights to that “scene” tonight. So you had me do that through the Dashboard, when and why would you do it in the things section or apps section? Also, is there a way to start with one of the existing apps in the Dashboard section?

@tonyfalcone - There are two primary ways to bring more intelligence by way of rule sets in SmartThings. We just rolled out the dashboard late last year as a way to allow people to make use of the most common scenarios quickly. These scenarios cover the majority of the use cases most people tell us are important: notifications, turning things on and off on a schedule or based on criteria such a presence, motion, or open/close events, etc.

Prior to launching these dashboards, we only had SmartApps. SmartApps are accessible from Device Detail screens as well as from the “Apps” view. SmartApps can be written by anyone and published into their own accounts for use in their own homes. The browseable SmartApps in the catalog today are a mixture of older ways to do the things you can now do in dashboards as well as some use cases of things that are more specific or less ordinary than what is available in dashboards. We expect these to grow in numbers over time and hope to allow anyone to publish into this list as well too.

Extra credit: Dashboards are actually SmartApps, too. Soon people will be able to create their own dashboards just like they create SmartApps today.

Thanks for the explanation, I got it now. Looking forward to the new Dashboard option too!

It is still not working for me. Its not turning on at sunset however it is turning off at 10PM so I am pretty sure its setup correctly. Its not working for all 3 switches so I wonder if there is some way to confirm location.

When you choose the solution, is the right side of the “Turn on at scheduled time” red or green? Also you can check you hubs location in the IDE. Go into IDE at, login and choose “My Locations” and name of your location with the hub. Copy the lat long into google search. It should come with your location that is used for the Sunrise/Sunset calcs.

Let us know.


Thanks for the link. I verified that my location is correct. I submitted a ticket but in the meantime, I will delete the app and retry.

Go back into the IDE before you try to reinstall. Choose “LOGS”. go back to phone and install again. During the install back in the IDE you should see a entry that has the name of your app. Click on that and the log window below will display what was posted during the install. Copy that out and save it in a email draft or text file. Now if the app does not work tomorrow, respond with that data to the help desk ticket. It will help them with the app ID and other info.

Or, hopefully it works! :cool:

Good luck!


thanks for your help but I am not seeing where LOGS is found. BTW - I am not a developer if that makes a difference. Do I do this before I delete the app or after? once i find LOGS that is.

When you go into “” to the right over from “my location” do you see “Logs”? If not disregard my earlier instructions. If you do, click “logs” before you re-install so after you delete the app.

LOGS is not present on my screen…perhaps just for developers. I guess i need to wait for support.

Thanks for trying.

Well I thought the app was working, but it’s not (my wife turned them on manually lol). The outdoor lights do not turn on at Dusk, but I can control them from the Dashboard. I have another indoor light that does work with that app though. I removed and then re-installed the app from scratch and still no worky.

The switches that I am trying to control are probably about 6 years old, they have a green status light rather than blue, so I’m not sure if that matters especially if I can control them in the Dashboard. They were on a Home Settings Zwave controller but I just removed them and added them to ST so I could integrate them with my system.

Any thoughts?

I also just checked LOGS and both switches are reporting every 5 minutes “debug Parse returned Front floods switch is off”