Turn on light at dusk but turn off at a specific time,

Using the standard smart lighting is there a way to turn on the light at dusk but turn off at a specific time?

It seems that the options are turn on at dusk and off at dawn OR on at a specific time and off at a specific time.

But not a combination?

This seems like this would be a common need.

Want the lights to go on at dark, but not to stay on all night.

Can do the offset from dawn, but that shifts as the time of dawn changes.

Crutch, imho, but I use 2 smart lighting routines. On at Dusk -30, then off at xxx time.



Forgot the obvious, 2 rules, one to turn off and one to turn on.


Will try this tonight


Could easily be done in Core with a single Piston, but if you’re not familiar with using core, then yeah, 2 rules would work too.

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