OMG WTH is wrong with this platform

So I spent a good part of my afternoon setting up GitHub integration, updating all my apps/device types to link to GitHub. I now go login to the IDE and it is all gone. WTF. Are you Fing serious? Everything I do in this solution is 2 steps backwards and 1 step forward. Support is non responsive, and in general things are just going from bad to worse.

I would like to see a post from ST Managment on the state of the union this just seems fing crazy.

I am so frustrated with the current state of the system, I am not sure I can continue forward with it. I am at loss for words.


yeah all my scripts are acting weird today. the light keeps turning off in the bathroom while my kids are in the shower gotta love it. So whats a good stable solution that supports Z Wave and Zigbee since I have 25 devices now?

I ordered a Z-Wave USB controller so I can download Indigo and play with it on my MacBook. I haven’t played with it, but from their forums it is stable. All processing on your Mac… Not sure if it will do everything I want though. I love some of the addons for ST, but after the last 24 hours and switching a lot of stuff to ST over the last 2 weeks, my wife is pissed to say the least… That does not work out well for me.

What HA hubs are not cloud based. I would love to have everything work if say my internet connection goes down

The only one I know of is Indigo.

Update on Git-Hub. If you have repositories you are linked to and one of them goes away you are fubarred. You have to get the creator to recreate it and then you can remove it from IDE. This almost makes you have to fork each one to your git-hub account. As we all know it would take support weeks to fix it.

Indigo does not support Zigbee.

The following topic discusses various alternatives.

Certain managers and executives insist they read this Forum regularly.

But I’ll ask you the same question I ask everyone that would like to see a response from “ST Management”:

What, exactly do you expect them to say? What could they say that you would (a) believe, and (b) think would actually help?


Both Vera and Staples Connect work without Internet connection. Also any PC/Mac-based HA software.

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Having managed large data center operations and code roles. I would like to hear some details about the outage, as well as what things they are doing to prevent it in the future. I have had to do detailed RCA reports in the past to customers/partners. This is fairly normal practice. Even AWS puts something out when they have an outage. They can decide to address it in some way shape or form or if it continues the way it is the negative social media aspect will start to hurt them. They way they market and sell the hub and its features is a crock. it can’t reliably do most of the things they advertise.


We used to enjoy a regular semi-annual appearance of Alex Hawkinson, the CEO of SmartThings on this forum, who would profoundly apologize for all the ongoing issues and solemnly swear that he’d personally see to it, so that it won’t happen again. Well… he’s been no show for quite a while now. Guess he’s not keen to subject himself to another round of verbal abuse. :smile:


He snuck on for a few minutes about 8 months ago. Very supportive, I must say, don’t you think??? :grinning:

Honestly I don’t want my CEO doing menial things like that, I’d want my CEO doing CEO things, that’s what he’s paid for otherwise what you’ve got on your hands is an extremely EXTREMELY expensive support/community representative.

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I agree. Not asking for the CEO. Maybe the Director of Dev or IT. For that matter I don’t know why support doesn’t troll the forums and add comments. In actuality it would make their response time much better. Someone posts an issue and support says “Yes this is a known issue we won’t have an ETA for 30 days” This stops the tickets going in… well besides not replying to them as well I guess that is going to make me stop sending mails to support.

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I guess CEO’s, like politicians, once in while feel the urge to rub shoulders with common folks to make us feel like they’re one of us. :smile:

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But they do and it doesn’t make the blindest bit of difference, there’s a thread where they said they had acknowledged the issue, stated it was urgent and that they were working on it urgently. Literally a few posts later “ZOMG WHY AREN’T YOU WORKING ON THIS? IT’S URGENT OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” PRAM --> TOYS.

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SmartThings has staff doing exactly this in response to reviews. Take a look. Do you find the responses helpful?

I have had a case open for almost a month regarding scheduled routines not executing changes. It is getting frustrating walking into cold rooms and setting off false alarms. I really hope that these issues get addressed soon. I couldn’t imagine going through root cause analysis for months on production issues with nothing getting fixed.


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It hasn’t hurt them (nor Samsung) yet. SmartThings has a tiny tiny fraction of the number of customers they will eventually have.

Trying to think of an analogous company in the past that had a rocky start but not much competition and is now successful.

Help me out folks… Any examples? How did they transition? Did the lack of social media help?

SmartThings iOS App is rated 2.5/5; yet it didn’t stop you from purchasing the product. Why not?