Samsung Connect vs SmartThings Classic Performance

I just switched from Vera and have been a ST user for two days.

I noticed that the new Samsung Connect app is showing various virtual and physical switches as either disconnected or stuck in checking status so they can’t be activated from the app.

The same switches are shown as operational in ST Classic and work perfectly. I don’t know why this is, but it seems a bit buggy and perhaps Samsung Connect is not exactly ready for prime time?

It is not. Many threads on this.

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Is there a downside to deleting the new app and just using Classic?

ST advises all new users to use the new app but I’m constantly in Classic for the SmartApps or because SC partially disconnected.

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I’ve deleted the new app and only use Classic. The new app has a long way to go in my opinion. Unless you have a Samsung appliance that requires the new app, stick with Classic.


Is there a conflict in having both apps on your phone?

No, but just be aware that SHM is different between the two, and if you create a Scene in the new app, you can’t modify it in Classic.

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