OK Google, where are you?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #1

Last year Google announced APIs for third party apps to leverage its venerable speech capabilities. Wink Implemented this almost a year ago to execute shortcuts (routines) via “OK Google activate ‘shortcut name’ on wink”.

I know there are work arounds with hacks like commndr and via voice, but these introduce a variety of nasties and incompatibilities most would likely want to avoid (plus there’s an API for that).

So what is SmartThings position on taking advantage of this tool, as well as the Google Now integration that Wink seems to have already Implemented as well?

(Bobby) #2

Not the first person to ask this…

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #3

Worth asking again as I guess the first time it fell on deaf ears.

(Bobby) #4

It’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s coming up on year anniversary…lol

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #5

LOL, indeed (sigh).

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #6

The system wide voice actions have been open since Google’s original announcement (eg. take a note, set an alarm, play music), but custom voice actions have been in private early-access (eg. beta).

For a while, Google had a form on the following page that let developers submit a request to be considered for early access to Custom Voice Actions, but they closed that down sometime late last year:

(Here’s an archive of the page from May 9th 2015)

Hopefully Google opens up Custom Voice Actions at Google I/O this year.

Edit: And I know you said you didn’t want to tinker with third party solutions, but for others who want voice control today you can do this with Tasker and SharpTools: