"Ok Google"...Do this Thing

Is it possible to have Voice commands through Google Now perform rules if I have an android device just sitting around plugged in? ie: “Ok Google, Lock front door” or, “Ok Google, Dim living room light to 25percent”

I suppose a shortcut/widget type thing would have to be made to call on?
If there is any talented programmers out there that can figure this out, it would make you famous.

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I’m pretty sure this has been done with Tasker + AutoVoice.

Ok Google! Fix our ST woes!!! Will that work?

Sorry couldn’t resist this! :wink:


as @viguera said this is discussed in another thread, but now that Google has opened up OK Google to search in apps I’m hoping ST adds this ability. I mentioned this in another thread too.

OK Google what switches are on?

OK Google did I lock the back door?

OK Google who’s at home right now?

OK Google when was the last time the back door opened?


Both this and a plug-in for Tasker are VERY desirable features for Android users. I too would love to see this added to SmartThings.

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Yes! Please add this to ST!

I’m working on a set of tools for SmartThings including Tasker integration and Android Widgets which I’ve called SharpTools. It’s currently in alpha and fairly stable at this point, but I’m still working on adding features and polish.

The SharpTools Tasker integration currently has the outbound command requests that you are looking for and if you pair this up with AutoVoice you can achieve the “OK Google” commands you are looking for. (This is my primary use of the Tasker integration, so feel free to email me questions)

If you are interested in joining the SharpTools Alpha, follow the instructions below:

PS. I would note that while the early testing release of SharpTools has Tasker integration and Widgets for free, these will ultimately be In App Purchases.