Shortcut Voice Control App


Has anyone tried the Shortcut App Out (

Wondering how well it works as I have an iPhone and its not going to be available for a couple of months as an iOS app (I asked the Dev’s today).

Would love an Ubi or an Ivee but right now preferring to spend my HA budget on devices such as more Hue’s and sockets!



I have tried it and it works well. It nearly always recognized my commands. However, it is fairly slow. several seconds are added to normal actions like turning on lights etc.

Thanks for that Ben. I guess it’s adding in another process that will create lag generally in the system.

I will wait for the iPhone version and see how it goes.

I am only able to get it to accept and execute commands successfully about 10%-20% of the time. I think the trick is to name your devices very uniquely and don’t use numbers.

My Tasker version is about 60%-70% successful.

I saw a shortcut update today so I’ll give that a try later.


@twack I have used the Autovoice plugin for Tasker previously. What I recall it worked really well. Have you tried it?


You’re right. I went back and looked at my test videos and the SmartThings - Tasker-Autovoice test integration I did was over 95% successful. I need to put that back on the active project list. It would be cool to integrate that into Chrome TV.