Ok Google talk to SmartThings?

With Google having opened up the API for conversation actions to Google Home, I’m wondering whether there are people working on using that for enhanced integration with SmartThings?

It’s now possible (in principle) to say “Ok, Google ask SmartThings to open the garage”, or “Ok, Google ask SmartThings to give me a status update”, or really to have a full conversation (back and forth) with SmartThings.

I’m (somewhat) aware of @MichaelShttps://community.smartthings.com/t/release-google-home-helper/66645 which is based on all that was previously available, ie., virtual switches. A lot more could be done now, though it’ll require quite a bit of work. I’m learning how to do this stuff, and I got GH to tell me that status of my switches, so it’s all still very basic, but there is progress.

Anyway, just wondering whether there’s others working on it, as well as what capabilities people would like to see.


I have been out of town but will be looking at this during the holidays. Looks rather straight forward and will have to see what is possible.


That would be awesome.

This would be awesome…less need for IFTTT in a lot of situations :grinning:

This assumes they will allow custom phrases like IFTTT does. I love using IFTTT to have custom initiation phrases with a custom response back to me.

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Once you go into a “conversational action”, pretty much anything is possible. But you have to get there first. It’s not (currently) possible to teach it to understand “Ok Google, close the garage”. But you can either do

“Ok Google, tell SmartThings to close the garage”,


Ok Google, talk to SmartThings.
<< "Welcome to SmartThings. How can I help?"
Close the garage door.
<< Closing the garage door. Anything else?
Which lights are on in the bedroom?
<< The floor lamp is on.
Turn it off.
<< Turning it off.
<< Till next time!

So there are a lot of cool opportunities – in theory. In practice, getting AI / natural conversation to work well is far from trivial…

One of the more basic problems is to teach Google Home about Rooms/Groups, which apparently the SmartApps API doesn’t expose.

Why not they allow nicknames for any device.

I dont know about conversations but I just setup smartthings with my existing Google Home and it behaves a bit more natively. There is no “Hey Google, ask smarthings.” instead you just setup the devices in Google using the smartthings information. Create rooms, nicknames, etc.

So I have Z wave switches going through Smarthings in a room call Kitchen. One is the overhead light, two are outlets called “counter light.” So I can say “Ok Google, turn on the kitchen lights” or I can say “OK Google, turn on the counter lights.” I can also ask if they are on/off (although no point, the Google Home is in the kitchen/dining/family area (open floor plan).