More bugs.. more problems

Last night my good night fired but did not do any of the actions like locking the doors etc.

Now this morn my good morn failed to fire even though there was logged motion a good 10 minutes before the alarm went off. What the heck … if this keeps up I will have to scrap the whole system. Really getting pissed. I already deleted and recreated my routines a couple of days ago.

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mine actually did get better. I scrapped all of my routines yesterday. Good morning fired properly but my porch light failed to shut off at the specified time. I thought the alarms were going to blare when I noticed the app showed that I was still in night mode but they didn’t. I was desperately trying to get it sorted before the family returns today. I hope it gets better for you. Now opening the front door causes everyone anxiety due to blaring sirens.

Just rebuilt my routines yet again. Will see if that helps.

Hey Larry, my good night didn’t work properly for two consecutive days and then last night worked fine. I didn’t do anything to it, as I am too tired to chase failing ST actions, so while this is not a solution for your frustrating experience , it may help just to leave them alone and see if they resume on their on.

It seems for me most of the time its on the backend and it usually works itself out. It seems to be real bad lately. Extremely frustrating that’s for sure! I just keep crossing my fingers that it will become a stable platform. I hope it stays open platform but I hope Samsung throws some money at it to get it stable.

And this, along with the almost total lack of response from Sistine support is why I completely scrapped the security aspect of my setup.

When it becomes stable, I’ll look at it again.

I’m really new to HA but a technologiest by trade. I’ve come to see that most automation I count on ST. to perform via a scheduled action or tigger inside of sT is not reliable. That said, I love my HA system and ST is the cornerstone of my setup. I rely heavily on my echo to be my interface into HA. Voice triggers work almost flawlessly on devices not controlled by ST. All my switches that don’t require dimmers or aren’t 3 way are WEMO. Almost bulletproof… Intergration into my home audio via harmony is as good as can be expected when using a system that mimics remote control commands ( a design built for failure) but turn on the TV is almost perfect, and that is Echo, to ST to Harmony… Counting on ST to open or close by garage doors in an automated routine is so inconsistent I’ve disable automated functions. Presence detectors also very inconsistent… Anything that puts my families safety at risk, I need to be 100% bullet proof. Also, the grief I get when something isn’t bulletproof isn’t worth the convienance factor. :smile:

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I found that the only consistency with ST is to expect inconsistencies. Once I understood that, I was able to move on without unplugging the hub.

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Yesterday was 100% for me, but woke up to an odd (though minor) issue today. Modes triggered via routines have been flaky for almost two weeks now. This morning, they all ran fine. What failed was scheduled events for phsyical devices that had an associated virtual device… even though the virtual was not being used in the failed schedule. :confused:

A quick check of the IDE showed that the physical devices were scheduled in the past. Tapping ‘Done’ in the affected Smartapp on my phone fixed the schedule. I don’t see how it’s possible, but there it is… in case anyone else is chasing a similar ghost. If it stays working, it’s a quick and simple fix.

Seems that with every platform update (yesterday) the routines break. I’ve been reading posts by the fan boys defending ST, and they have good points, but problems with schedulers? At x 'O Clock , run y script, how hard is that?

My use case is very simple. I don’t expect this hub to replace an $800+ controller or a purpose built security system, but running a script (routine) at a set time is not that hard.

Does anyone have experience with the competition? Do they have this scheduling problem?

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Yes, I have had similar experience with Harmony hub, Lutron hub, Wink hub. With every update release something breaks. The difference between ST and others, is an advantage as it is a disadvantage. ST pushes updates at frequencies that none of the before mentioned hubs do. So while ST seems less reliable, is also making the most progress. Hopefully sooner rather than later they patch everything up and stop updating as often…

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Frequent software updates and quality control are not binary… You can actually achieve both if you take time and care! That would allow ST to have reliability.

I, too, have temporarily halted any routines that perform any HA security. I am waiting for ST to create a reliable cloud or turn on local V2 hub processing or seek another manufacturer’s HA offering, like HomeKit.

Sorry, but Reliability and HA are required IMHO.

I agree, I give ST credit for plowing this field. I understand the challenges, I’m not talking about that stuff, I’m talking about basic QA. QA is development 101, it leads me to wonder if they even have a QA group.

It takes very little time and effort to setup a lab with a few hubs matching typical user configurations. Running regression test cases against the lab before production implementation would catch these simple but very annoying issues.

Seems very amateurish…whacking moles rather than solving root cause.

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Ok, I’ll give you that but answer this…

What is the typical user configuration? What is the typical user expectation?

Baseline expectation: things that worked when you went to sleep on Monday will work when you wake up on Tuesday.

Hit that one first, and you cover a lot of user expectations for a lot of people.

As far as what specifically should go into regression testing, you can start anywhere and build your use cases over time. It’s not something you have to argue about.

You could just start with the ones which are in the commercials. :wink:


At the basic level the typical user is going to have at least a hub, at least one switch and at least one routine. Regression test this and you catch the top 5 issues on this board.

I’m astounded by the fact that we still have bugs with such fundamental functionality and a group think mentality that views growth more favorably than stability. Adding more stuff without fixing what you have is not a winning proposition.


Stability is one of our highest priorities. We are hurting over here every time we see something like this. I wish we could snap our fingers and make it all better but as many times as I have snapped it never fixes anything… I think my fingers are broken.

But really, we have many smart people working very hard to make this the best platform for HA. We appreciate you guys speaking up and being passionate.

You guys rock! :smile:


@slagle take a look at “rule machine”, and then make that run local…j/s there’s a lot of power right there.

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I.think.ill write my own smart APp for backup … ie time of day between x and y and current mode is xxx and their is motion on detector …set mode and disarm… hopefully it is doable… maybe just run routine… anyone know of a smartapp that already dies that

Rule machine…