Offline device(s) work with Google Home

I’m having an oddball issue - I have a few devices that show up as offline when I use the “Device Health” feature that can’t be controlled by the Smartthings app, but work fine via the Google Home app / GH voice commands. If I turn off “Device Health” they no longer show up as “offline” in the app, but are still wholly unresponsive - they do, however, continue to work fine in automation and via Google Home. The IDE shows them as “offline” as well, although clearly they are not.

It appears to be an issue, then, with the app, but I’m really not sure how to correct it, especially if the IDE is wrong as well…

Unfortunately, this has been an ongoing problem for many people since the “device health” parameter was first introduced. :disappointed_relieved: sometimes it’s better than others, some people may have more problems than others, but it just keeps recurring. It appears to be an issue with the cloud part of the system.

Definitely report it to support, maybe they can find something that will help you, but you’re certainly not the only one seeing the problem from time to time.

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