Official Google Nest Integration (January 2021)

Are there any updates on the fixes for automations, motion triggers, and some of the other outstanding issues from this integration? Seems half-baked for sure.

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Hi, my region is Australia but I don’t see the Google Nest product among my devices list, can anyone please help me

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same problem here i leave in Europe/Greece

I have the same issue, driving me crazy!

The Google Nest integration seems to be gone from the brands page in the US as well.

Still here in the UK

Look under ‘N’ rather than ‘G.’

Figured this out with an assist from Samsung support. It turns out that the problem was that while this particular SmartThings location was in the US region, the Samsung account of the person who created it was not. The list of what Smart apps are visible is based on where you registered, not where the SmartThings hub is.

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Came here to ask this. No smart apps or automations seem to be able to find the connected thermostat. What’s the point of an integration if you can’t do anything with it anywhere? The old custom device handlers were far better (they don’t work anymore, unfortunately). We seemed to have gone backwards a bit…


Anyone using the nest thermostatv3rd gen in the UK (EUROPE) with hot water?

Does smartthings bring the hot water in the app as well?

does it mean the Coordinates should be changed?

Hey @Technodad what was the resolution for this issue. I am on wit Samsung support and they have no clue

Are they ever going to add the protects?

Yes when they announce the new products :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It took a few days and an escalation to second level tech support, it they did manage to get the Samsung account switched to a new region. I should note it was Samsung account support that ultimately resolved it, not SmartThings support.

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I just encountered the exact same problem In my Nest automation the cooling temperature changed to Celsius while the heating temp stayed Fahrenheit. No luck with ST support so far.

Any word from Samsung on making the Nest products actually usable in the eco system? Still cannot reliably use Nest products in automations and Smart Apps.

still waiting on the protects to show up

I take it Nest Protects will never work?

These are the first and last Google smart home product i will ever buy, spent $1k on them just because they integrated with other smart home products and a few weeks later Google trashed the whole “Works with Nest” system.

So glad i went Alexa/SmartThings/Hue etc for everything else.