Office Depot -- Nuvision 7" Tablet $29.99 expires: 2/18/2017

Did you guys use the RCA tablet’s for this?

I still haven’t pulled the trigger on the RCA one because I really don’t feel too confident in it…

I didn’t use the RCAs. I didn’t feel confident either due to some comments here and reviews I read across the web. Evidently, Walmart has been selling them for a while.

The Nuvision (or iRulu) was less well-known and had fewer reviews, thus, fewer negative ones. So, even choosing them would be a risk.

In the end, I just went with my gut (instead of my wallet). I went with 3x Fire Tablet 7 and 2x Nuvision 7.

This came out to just over $190 after taxes, which I don’t think was a bad price for tablets all over the house. I would’ve come out much cheaper if I had more confidence in the Nuvisions. Plus, I really like the Fire Tablet’s quick and reliable Alexa access.

So you’re relatively happy with the Nuvisions? I was thinking of going with the fire tablets and rooting them just for the low cost , untill I saw this post. I don’t plan on using Alexa, as I currently use Google home/Google assistant. I’m just looking for cheap automation controllers for visitors/ people that don’t want to talk to my Google home.

RCA only exist as a name; there is no company. You can lease the name.

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Keep an eye on I purchased two 10" and one 7" insignia tabs for $85 (refurbs). They’ve been great. The first time I ordered from them they canceled due to out of stock and gave me a $10 credit. I’ve only dealt with their CS once. They were easy to deal with.

They’re on TCB too.

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Yeah, I actually am relatively happy with the Nuvisions. Performance-wise, they definitely seem right inline with the 5th Gen Fire Tablets. The biggest benefit is that they don’t come semi-crippled with FireOS.

But, keep in mind, I’ve only been using them for 3-4 weeks now. I’ve had no issues with the Fire Tablets or the Nuvision tablets that relate to build quality or performance.

Edit: @RLDreams just reminded me of a couple issues I’ve had with the Fire Tablets (WiFi/Bluetooth drops), but I haven’t seen these issues on my NuVisions yet.

Nice. I’ve got a 10" arriving today from China that I now wish I wouldn’t have bought. Cost more than your 3 combined.

FWIW, I’ve two of the Fire HD 7" tablets. I’ve rooted both, turned off software updates, turned off the lock screen ads, and replaced the launcher with Nova, installed the Play store, etc. They look/act just like ordinary Android tablets.

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I also got two Fire 7" 5th Gen from Amazon warehouse for about $27 each. Rooted and put a CM12 rom on them. Now they’re just a regular android tablet on Lollipop. Seems like Lollipop is the latest it can run.

The way I’m using mine is why I didn’t root them. We use them for extensions to Alexa without buying additional Echos. So, I didn’t want to run into any issues with the “native” Alexa features that come with FireOS (future pushes).

I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff from them, never had any issues at all, always right on top of service

I grabbed a couple of the 10" Insignia Flex direct from BB on sale last month for $69ea. . So far so good. Just using one for SmartTiles, other for Lannouncer & CCTV monitor . Seem to have the same issue as fire with dropping WiFi for a couple seconds every so often, just long enough that I need to refresh camera feeds. No problem with SmartTiles. The charge port seems a little funky, it is upside down and I keep having issue of the cord popping out just enough for it to not charge. Tablet dies, wiggle the plug & it starts charging again.

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I forgot about that issue. It’s very infrequent with my Fires, but it does happen.

One of my Fires has the same loose plug issue as your Insignia. Not sure what caused it. It’s the same Fire that drops WiFi (and frequently drops the bluetooth connection to the Dot).

WiFi only seems to be an issue when using them to stream live cam feeds 24/7. Not an issue in normal usage. Just a PIA to look over to blank screen have to hit refresh. About once a week I would end up having to reboot it before I could get it to reconnect.

Plug is actually tight, hard as He LL to actually get the cord all the way in then once in it can wiggle. I’d almost think it’s a flaw in the case mold. Issue is I’m using it for Lannouncer and when it power down ( battery dies ) the BT speaker will also shut off so it doesn’t automatically reconnect once it charges back up enough to turn back on. I might end up moving Lanouncer to one of the Fires with SmartTiles instead of the Flex with cameras.

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Hi, could you comment about the mic, I use a poor´s man echo, and want to know if the mic is good enough to use “ok google” command, thanks

Try Alexa Listens too. A little buggy but seems to work fine on the Insignia tablet. I also run it on a $20 Walmart T-Mobile phone I have mounted in a workshop.

Use to use OK Google + Tasker + IFTTT to send voice commands before Alexa and Google home.

I use Alexa Listens as well. It’s buggy for me and responds to just about anything, instead of just to the trigger phrase, when active listening is enabled. I ended up disabling it and only using the click to speak mode.

Come on you all, where’s the pics?!

Yes pics of this cheap Nuvision. And does the WiFi drop? Is the os stable? Does the front camera work for picking up motion and turning the screen on? Does Smartiles run ok on it? The screen works by tapping it once? I want to put fully kiosk on it with smartiles.

Not Nuvision but here’s some tabs and phones I use for Lannouncer and smarttiles. Not pretty (it’s in my work shop) but effective.

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I ended up getting the RCA one from Wally World… no issues so far… I have it setup to just swipe to wakeup… other than that, the screen saver is just a clock…