Office Depot -- Nuvision 7" Tablet $29.99 expires: 2/18/2017

I like the outlet too. What brand is that?

Snap Power


Hey… That’s ActionTiles on that screen :wink:!

I’m gonna have to steal that picture for our new website. @625alex has been hunting for great pictures of real installations!

Well, I knew you and Alex were looking for pics, but I really did not think I had anything special compared to most I have seen. But, here is another one… Our bookshelf in a bedroom… you can actually see the Echo, the SmartThings hub, an Iris motion detector and my tablet wtih ActionTiles. Ginny


I know this is off-topic, but would you be willing to point me to the best place for info on how to do this?

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Sale ending soon on the Nuvisions for anyone still interested. Also, 7" Fire Tablets have been on sale @ $39.99 for the past week or so.

Might get a lot of pics to use if you actually release it!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting. Always had a fear of missing something and bricking the tab. This tool gets it done in minutes with just a few clicks.

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I have a iPad in wall that Im not to keen on. I also have a Clazio smart speaker which I use for my bedside clock (machine is terrible but works).


I was trying to set up a fire tablet similar but they dont support 3rd party widget and many other things… I may try the other cheaper Android tablets but Id really like a wall mount for it…

There are solutions to jailbreak (risky) Fire Tablets as well as to sideload 3rd-party apps (custom and/or unsupported) on Fire Tablets using apps found on the Amazon App Store.

My Fire Tablets have had more reliable battery life than solutions like the NuVision tablet or other Android tabs like the iWork 10 Chinese tab.

I was unable to jailbreak due to the OS version… I have side loaded apps but the ability to make in app purchase for the apps do not work. Per the SquareHome2 app the 3rd Party widgets are not supported by the Fire OS.