Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablets On sale @ QVC

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablets + Software & Case Voucher (10th Gen; 2020 Model, Various Colors) on sale listed below when you apply promo code NEW in cart. Shipping is free .

32GB $45
64GB $75

I just checked the Amazon app store and the SmartThings app doesn’t seem to be available. So sideloading the SmartThings app would be the only way to get SmartThings onto them from what I can tell, even if the SmartThings app works on them. Does the SmartThings app work on these tablets?

Even if the SmartThings app does work on them, it would then involve having to continually sideload the SmartThings app whenever there are updates, but as there haven’t been too many SmartThings Android app updates anyway, I guess it wouldn’t be that much of an issue.

So without the SmartThings app, all I can think of that’s “natively” available in the Amazon tablets is the Alexa app. Is there anything else SmartThings wise these tablets are good for?

SharpTools or ActionTiles are two methods that come to mind for managing ST on the fire tablets

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There’s also House panel too. I use actiontiles however.


These are great for dashboards and they give you Alexa control. I have them all over the place and never once did I need the ST App installed.

I personally use ActionTiles in Fully Kiosk with DAKboard as the screensaver.

Pretty darn slick for $50!