Obything Stopped working with new update to Imac

(Yardman) #1

Just did an update to my Imac and now obything stopped working. It was working fine before the update. Anyone else is having this problem?

(Brice; SmartRulesApp.com) #2

@aviyardman, if you updated your Mac, maybe your IP changed. If that is the case, you’ll need to set it up like new again. It can not handle changing IPs.

(Yardman) #3

I checked the IP and it’s the same.

(Brice; SmartRulesApp.com) #4

Any chance the update enabled firewalls or something? Do you see anything from ObyThing in the SmartThings logs?

(Yardman) #5

I will check the logs to see…

(Yardman) #6

Nothing in logs, but I do notice that whenever i clicked the Obything on my Mac it will show-up at the top as it normally do, but only for a couple of minutes then it’s go-away. Not sure if the update installed some kind of Firewall…

(Brice; SmartRulesApp.com) #7

The circle in the menu bar goes away or just the menu goes away?

(Yardman) #8

The circle in the status bar goes away…

(Yardman) #9

I just restarted my Mac and reloaded the Obything back in St app and now it’s working. Thanks for your support Brice,

(Brice; SmartRulesApp.com) #10

Oh, great! Glad its working now :smile: