Obything Stopped working with new update to Imac

Just did an update to my Imac and now obything stopped working. It was working fine before the update. Anyone else is having this problem?

@aviyardman, if you updated your Mac, maybe your IP changed. If that is the case, you’ll need to set it up like new again. It can not handle changing IPs.

I checked the IP and it’s the same.

Any chance the update enabled firewalls or something? Do you see anything from ObyThing in the SmartThings logs?

I will check the logs to see…

Nothing in logs, but I do notice that whenever i clicked the Obything on my Mac it will show-up at the top as it normally do, but only for a couple of minutes then it’s go-away. Not sure if the update installed some kind of Firewall…

The circle in the menu bar goes away or just the menu goes away?

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The circle in the status bar goes away…

I just restarted my Mac and reloaded the Obything back in St app and now it’s working. Thanks for your support Brice,

Oh, great! Glad its working now :smile: