StatusThing – mac statusbar app

So I’ve made a mac app that lets you control switches and see the temperature from your status bar. It takes a little work to setup (you have to add the SmartApp it connects to on your account), but hopefully someone will find it useful :slight_smile: You can download it here:


View the code on Github (MIT License)


Awesome! Well done.

Quick question. Do I have to create one App per Mac? I have it work on mine but put it on the GFs and it doesn’t seem to work.

Interesting – it should work fine on multiple macs with the one SmartApp. Are you able to go through the authorize screens successfully, after putting in the OAuth keys?

do you think you can compile it also for osx 10.8 ? that would be awesome. thx

Sure – I’m not sure that it’ll work, but I’ve put up a 10.8 beta here. Good luck!


I just stumbled upon this. Could this app be changed around to also accept commands from the Hub? Meaning, could set setup specific triggers in the app and link them to things, such as automator actions or AppleScripts? This could be a solve (at least, for Macs) to my “poor man’s Sonos” thought…

This is super cool! SmartThings should make this more well known. It addresses a major issue for me - when I am home, I put away my iPhone into my closet to be charged. I have been controlling my light with awkward emails via IFTTT while I sit and only have my laptop.

I am having one problem though. Version 0.2.0 works fine, but it advises me of a new version 0.2.1 and when I run the new one, it appears briefly in the status bar then vanishes. I am using the latest app.groovy I believe. I have restarted my machine, but have not tried a complete deletion of the app from the IDE and re-install. I may try that later. Any suggestions?

If anyone is looking for a super easy way to interact with iTunes on your Mac just like a Sonos, my new app, ObyThing Music is now approved and on the Mac App Store - It supports all of the apps that are currently available for the Sonos - music control, playing sounds, or speaking text, triggering sounds and music from other sensors, and more. Unfortunately, the SmartThings part has still not been approved (it seems like this is going to take a long time) so for now, you’ll need to be comfortable with grabbing the code for the SmartApp and DeviceType to install through the developer tools. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll help walk you through the installation.

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@obycode Video demo before we pull the $4 trigger? :smile:

Definitely, there is actually already one on the help page of my site - Let me know if you’d like to see anything else demonstrated.

@obycode I got the Mac App last night and set it up. It works great with the trigger. I may be missing something, but on the Things page of my Smartthings App, I can play what is currently on my itunes, but I was unable to use the App as sort of a remote control for my Itunes where I can select a playlist and push play. All I could find is that I can select a play list when setting a trigger but there does not be a way to manually play a playlist remotely. If this is not possible, it would be great if it were possible. Also, is there something that could cause the Mac App to turn of or not receive a trigger.

Lastly, I know you responded to this, but I would pay more for the Mac App if I had access to my saved Radio Stations. That seems to be the biggest gap in the App so far, but I understand the problems with that.

@spec485, thanks for the feedback. I’ll respond inline:

Yes, this should be possible, and I agree that it makes sense to include. I’ll work on adding this shortly.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean… Do you mean there is a bug that caused the app to turn off, or are you asking if I can add a feature to have the app turn off?

This is still on the todo list, but I’m not sure how to do it yet. Hopefully Apple will give developers access to some interface to the iTunes Radio soon.

I’ve resolved the trigger issue, my computer was going to sleep after a period of time. On the radio question, I got an App Retune that gives me access to the Radio Stations as well, it would be great to have it integrated.

Thanks for this! It’s awesome! Exactly what I was looking for!

Hi, thanks for your App; Is it possible to modify Step 3 - Authorise on the Mac APP to the EU server (my HUB was bought from the UK) - ?
At the moment it defaults to the US

Many thanks;

I dont have any SmartThings devices yet, but I’m looking to control the lights in my studio with a keyboard shortcut. Can keyboard shortcuts be used with this app to turn lights on/off functions? (if keyboard shortcuts are not available with this app natively, i can try to use Keyboard Maestro to create keyboard shortcuts if functions are easily accessible via menu bar or mouse clicks. any input on this?)

Also i’ve just tried downloading and installing the app, but it seems to have frozen- the menu bar icon is just sitting there unresponsive and I cant see the initial setup page anymore. Is something wrong?