[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet (Steps to Pair any Xiaomi Zigbee device!)

That’s a nightmare. I don’t have anywhere as near the amount of devices you have.

In terms of these devices or the electric devices in general what type of distance do they cover. Reason I’m asking is I’m trying to extend down the garden to secure the shed. I got my contact working in the shed at the point nearest the house but not anywhere else even though I have the plug on in the shed and the other plug also on at the furtherest point in the house? The shed is concrete and not metal, as I know that distorts signals generally.

only have about 5 Xiaomi zigbee outlets (the others are zwave), about 12 xiaomi sensors and 2 Orvibo sensors.

I know, it’s not as large as your setup, but i didn’t have any dropouts so far (except the orvibo’s). I have done extensive testing with the Xiaomi outlets because you mentioned you had issues with them. In my setup they work flawlessly as repeaters, also when turned off. (Except with the Orvibo’s, but they don’t seem to like any repeater)

Maybe the outlets are interfering like you said. Have you tried leaving the Xiaomi plugged in and unplug the others ?

Ahh they repeat when off too. That’s a great nugget of info. :blush:

In my case they do (the Xiaomi outlets) but not in a4refillpad’s case.

@RInkelk in your experience are you saying that the Orvibo contact sensors don’t like repeaters? If so this would explain the fact that one of mine gets through batteries carry quickly when others don’t.

Does the same apply to the Xiaomi contact sensors?


Yes, that’s my experience. As long as they’re connected directly to the hub i don’t have any issues.
But as soon as they’re repeated they seem to get into a sort of sleep-state after awhile. Then when i open them, the light turns on, but no message is sent to the hub (or received by the hub). The second time i open them, all is fine.
For me this is too unreliable. First i thought it was a problem with the Osram and was searching for another zigbee repeater. Then i got the Xiaomi outlets, same issue.
This happens only when they’re repeated. I have tested this with the Xiaomi outlets and an Osram outlet.

At first i only had the Osram outlet (all my others are zwave) and thought the Osram was the faulty repeater. Then the same thing happened with the Xiaomi outlets.

With the Xiaomi sensors, i don’t have this issue at all. They don’t drop off, the status gets sent through every single time. It seems like the Osram (as repeater) is working fine now too, but i have to do some more testing with that one.
So far, the Xiaomi’s, both outlets and sensors, have been very reliable.

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Makes complete sense and answers a few of my questions. Thanks for response, appreciated.

Ah now the earlier posts make more sense to me.

Other than plug in, plug out and see what happens (in time) is there a way to see how device A gets through the network / mesh via whatever other devices to contact the Hub?

The biggest issues are not the orvibo but the 25 smartthings sensors. They constantly go offline and need resetting and adding back in. The battery removal and adding process was wearing very thin.

You’re right, the orvibo sensors are reliable, I just have a 4 foot brick wall to get through, as it turns out the one Orvibo sensor I have on the other side of the wall rips through batteries in about 2 weeks. The fact they’re not fond of repeaters (if that is indeed the case) makes sense to me.

I’ve got 2 ST motion sensors and 3 multi’s and they give me no pain. That damn (Discourse has just censored the word da mn) brick wall is the source of a lot of my pain and is making me consider a 2nd hub :slight_smile:

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Wow, is that for a bomb shelter?

200 year old windmill.

The base of which is stupid thick. Hence the thought around two hubs. Damn walls :slight_smile:

Lmao - sorry couldn’t resist :blush:

Is that image the fortress in question?

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That’s the one.

Certified 89% zigbee prof :slight_smile:

Very cool place to live in!! :+1:

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Pretty spectular indeed. Thinking though you might need more than 2 hubs or a few truck loads of the plugs :blush:

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I’ve had a some discussion around it over here (not my thread, another Mill owner).

Looks like I’m going to have to look at using 2 hubs. The only concern for me there is when there’s integration between the two. At the moment I’ve got minimal tech on the side of the Mill. I need to determine if I can use z-wave which seems to get through or wether I need to get the 2nd hub which I’m not keen on the idea of for a number of reasons.

@a4refillpad pretty sure you know this already, but just came across this thread

and @anon36505037 makes reference to rebuilding the zigbee mesh after changing around zigbee devices so that I guess they can work out who there closet device is now.

I actually disagree with needing to constantly perform mesh repairs. Zigbee is self healing and will fix itself over time. If indeed you move a lot of repeaters around the house then yes do it, but if you have 100+ sensors around the house each and every time you restart your hub some zigbee sensors will “stick” and it’s a major pain to fix. So, from my experience you should only do it if you run into big problems.
I’ve been conversing with support a bit on this one. Current thinking is that my ST outlet currently closest to the hub is possibly taking on more traffic than it can handle before the zigbee mesh goes into meltdown. So if I perform a “mesh repair” it actually makes it worse as every device that could have connected directly to the hub would choose to go via a repeater and then load this poor little outlet with even more traffic it cannot cope with.
If I do perform a mesh repair, I always leave this one outlet off to prevent it getting too many nodes using it as the last hop.