[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

Can you see the held event under the “recently” tab for the button?

No, only “button was pushed”. Nothing else. Could it be this function is missing in the the device handler (bspranger v1.2)?

There are currently 5 different types of Xiaomi branded buttons devices. Each one has different functions available in SmartThings.

Which model number of button are you using?

Hi Keith,

Sorry for responing a bit late on your question. I currently have 3 model WXKG11LM buttons. Recently I ordered a new 12LM version. Have read somewhere it might be a hardware issue. The 11LM version does not support the hold function. The 12LM version should support this. I hope :wink:

I have 2 of the G01LM buttons and I am using the original A4refillpad DTH. If I switch to the newer BSpranger DTH I lose the held function.

It’s not a hardware issue. The Aqara button model WXKG11LM simply doesn’t provide any way in the hardware to implement a hold function. However, the Aqara model WXKG12LM does support it. If you look at the header information section of the Aqara Button device handler code, there is a detailed explanation of the capabilities of each model when used in SmartThings:

For more information, see my announcement post about v1.2 of the Aqara Button device handler here.

Which version of the bspranger DTH are you using?

Version 1.2, which I worked on and was extensively tested, does have button hold function, and improves on it. It was announced on the Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc…. thread four weeks ago:

It was a while ago, so not this newest version you show above. I may give that another go them as it looks quite clean. FTW the original A4refillpad one has never missed a beat in the last year and a bit I have been using it.

My Xiaomi Agara Temperature / Humidity sensor shows up on the SmartThings IDE in My Devices and on the SmartThings app on my Android, but when I select the device I get a pop-up ‘Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again’.
I am using the bspranger : Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor Device Handler.
The IDE events list shows continuous temp & humidity readings.
Any help would be appreciated.

@a4refillpad Any chance you could help me out with my Xiaomi curtain motor? It pairs up, and I tried using your outlet device handler, but it doesn’t activate. Any help would be amazing.

Hi Everyone.
I bought two original XIaomi Door/window sensor and installed the DH using github. I paired up both, no problem, worked like a charm so I installed both on doors already and tested.
The following day after waking up, both sensor became unavailable…Does any one run into the same issue? I have definitely tested sensors at locations and both worked. I also saw the blue led blinks when two pieces get close so I do not think it is an battery issue.



I am having the same issue. I paired and it worked fine. In a few hours it says unreachable. Paired again and the same happened in a few hours again.

Any solution to this?

yeah, I am looking for a solution as well

Hopefully someone can bring up one



Do you guys have Samsung connect home? I posted the same question on Facebook and someone pointed me to a article that stated Xiaomi would only work with smartthings hub 2.

hey Bro.
I do have a ST hub v2 US though…



If you have other zigbee devices that act as repeaters like zigbee outlets and some bulbs, the xiaomi sensors don’t play nice with them if they were paired and connected to the hub via the repeaters. Most of us have had luck pairing them with all repeater devices unplugged directly to the hub but then if you are to far from the hub and need a repeater you will have to find a repeater that works with xiaomi sensors.

some have had luck with xbee boards. If you search the forums and this thread you will see a lot of details around this issues.

here is a thread on the hubitat community that has the similar issue and lists which devices have worked so far as repeaters for xiaomi devices.

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Thank you Huy
The two Xiaomi sensor are the only two zigbee device in my place though, every other hub connected devices are either using zwave or smartapp/dh through wifi…

I will take a look in the hubitat thread

THank you


Do a search for zigbee vs wifi channels on the forum. You are most likely running into an interference problem. I had headaches until I seperated my wifi channels from the zigbee channel. Unfortunately the frequencies can overlap.

Thank you Scott
I did some research and found out that my zigbee channel 19 is potentially getting interrupted by my wifi router .
I will have to take a look on my router configuration once get home

I will post here on how everything turned out.



Hi Scott.
As you said, it is indeed an interference issue! I changed the Channel from Auto to 1, then re-paired the door window sensors. It has been stable for about 14 hours already.

Thanks again



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I think I gave up on Xiaomi due to inconsistency issue.

I repaired my two door sensors and 1 motion sensor since 5 days ago. I have changed my wifi router channel to 1 (and zigbee channel I found is 9, so no over lapping )

After couple of days, one door sensor dropped. The door sensor is about 30 ft from the hub and is hiding behind the blinds.

The other door sensor and motion sensor, both are much closer to the hub and have no object blocking signals, are still operating.

So at this time I have to make the conclusion that either zigbee devices have limited range, or more prone to signal blocking, or get interfered by wifi in neighboring house hold.

Anyone had similar situation before?