New Github connection

(Shane) #1

Good day all
just connected GetHub to my Smartthings account, and when looking into Device Handlers - Update from Repo - Smartthings Public Master, I get the following (screen Shot)

Should I update all on the right “New (only in GitHub)” as well??

There is some Xiaomi devices showing in green on my Device Handlers page, but I do not see anything in the “New (only in GitHub)” list referring to Xiaomi or the publisher(s) of the Device Handlers.
Any thoughts

(jkp) #2

Only select the device handler(s) that you need for your Xiaomi device(s). Do NOT select all of them or else you will have a HOT mess. :slight_smile:

(Shane) #3

Okay on not selecting all, but Xiaomi or the Device Handler publisher is not listed, example a4refillpad - xiaomi Aqara door/window sensor, or should I select the "devicetypes/capabilities/contact-sensor-capability.src/contact-sensor-capability.groovy "

(jkp) #4

Owner: a4refillpad
Name: Xiaomi
Branch: master

the one above is the one you are looking for but you should ignore it.

but this one you should check out:
Owner: bspranger
Name: Xiaomi
Branch: master
it is from the following thread: