[OBSOLETE] - Universal ZigBee Lock DTH with Lock Codes

Can you give me the info for the GitHub integration with the ST for the DTH updating?

Sure. It is listed at the top. jhamstead/jhamstead master.

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Updated to Version 1.3 for compatibility with @ethayer’s new SmartApp below.


I have to say, it is AWESOME that you made this compatible with v1.0 so quickly.


Updated to 1.3a for a bug fix (App reports actions by user 255) with @RBoy’s SmartApp. Not a required update unless you were experiencing that bug.

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Thanks @jhamstead - great turnaround!

Folks using any of the following SmartApps should update to the latest 1.3a handler:


Any chance the set code feature will be able to work on Yale Zigbee locks in the future?

I’m not sure what you mean. setCode is fully supported on all ZigBee locks with my DTH including Yale.

If you have a Yale version that is not working let me know the model and fingerprint.

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In the release notes of the handler it says:

Setting/Deleting/Updating Lock User Codes as well as reporting their use to lock manager SmartApps. Enhanced lock action status: jammed lock, used code information, manual/remote notification.
Yale Locks Only: Volume, AutoLock, Privacy Mode, Wrong Code Entry Limit, Invalid Code Entry Lockout Time, and One Touch Locking are all configurable.

On my Yale YRD210 I cant seem to be able to manage any access codes from the app

Am I doing something wrong? Apologies I am new to the smartthings world

The code management must be done through a SmartApp. My code is a DTH that allows for the SmartApps to work with ZigBee locks. There are two main SmartApps available in the community.

The first is a free version by @ethayer’s. I personally use this version.

The second is by @RBoy. It is a paid version but highly regarded.

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I loaded Ethayers Lock Manager yesterday, did all the config through Github loaded the 3 child apps, and then configured the Universal Zigbee handler and edited it in My devices.
I loaded the Lock Manager and can configure new access codes but they dont seem to upload to the lock? am i missing something?

If everything is working, you should see a message like below in the recently tab.

If you are not seeing this message, check again to make sure everything is installed correctly. If that still doesn’t work, it would help to see your live logs for the SmartApp and lock when adding a new code. If you send live logs, I’d recommend sending them in a PM to me.

Holy F&#@, after I went to that view in my smart app everything started working, I removed the lock and app and started over…oh well cant thank you enough, it seems to be working Hooray!

Have a nice weekend!


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Update: Version 1.4 Released. This version modifies Health Check to match SmartThings changes to the default ZigBee Lock DTH. To enable the new settings, press force reconfigure button after upgrading.


I have a Yale Zigbee lock. Will this app let’s you change the time of the Autolock to a custom time? 30 seconds is too short. If not, is there an app that will do that for the Yale zigbee? I don’t need the other features.

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Yes. This DTH will allow you to change the Autolock time for Yale locks up to 180 seconds. You can adjust the preferred time in settings, then enable Autolock if not enabled.

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Is there a way to make it longer? I was thinking of 10 minutes.

You can use the Enhanced Auto Lock Door SmartApp form the Marketplace. With this smartapp you can even define a contact sensor to check if the door is closed/open before trigger the lock/unlock command.


Enhanced auto door lock seem to require door sensors, which i don’t have.

I just want something that when a door is unlocked, wait a specified time (ie 10 minutes) and then check status of the lock. If it is still unlocked, then lock it. If it is already locked then don’t do anything.

I don’t want it to issue a lock command when it’s already locked, that seems like a waste of battery for the lock everyday.

The device is still in contact with the hub, a couple lock commands that won’t do anything isn’t going to affect your battery appreciably.