[OBSOLETE] Shady - Group your shades & blinds and control as a single device

just installed it using the github repo, it’s called Shady

Yeah i did that but i do not see the app under “Marketplace” —> “My Apps”. Tried both via GitHub integration method and the manual method.

Edit: my bad. Figured out the problem.

@whoismoses Thanks for your Shady work! I just installed 2 sets of 3 Bali Autoview shades and the ability to treat them as just two virtual shades makes them so much easier to use. I downloaded your modification to the stock Spring Windows Fashions Shade DTH so that on/off work and now everything works as one would expect in the ST Classic App, WebCore, and ActionTiles.

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any way i could say “Hi Google OPEN Shady” and it will open instead of saying “Hi Google TURN ON Shady?”

Hi, I love this plugin. I have an issue with my Somfy blinds with the plug in… basically the Somfy plugin TaHoma® by Somfy has three values, Open, Close and MY… my is set midpoint… I’m not bothered about this, but as your plugin only goes to 99% the Somfy blinds don’t see it as open as its not 100% and there for use the MY command and only open halfway… is there anyway to code it so that Somfy plugin believes it’s fully open and not 99% ?

Hope this makes sense, really hope it can work.

The shades I created in Shady work great when I manually adjust the switch but for some reason I can’t get them working in scenes or automations. Am I missing something obvious here?

Not just you, seems to coincide with the changes that moved Automations in to the RulesAPI for me (if you weren’t aware the February app update for both iOS and Android updated automations and scenes tonuse the RulesAPI as the underlying function - also the source of a lot of automation and scene update/save/display isssues in the app.)

Im pretty sure that its impacted this smartapp/DTH too.

@whoismoses Eric are you still maintaining this?

No response. I’m completely new to automated shades so I don’t know what everyone else is doing. Is there any other alternative to achieve the same as this app?

I jut switched my shades from using the “Z-wave Shade” DTH to “Springs Window Fashions Shade” and the Shady groups no longer work in scenes and automations. I wanted to switch the DTH because the standard one uses the UI of the new app and the IDE will be retired at some point.

In the log, I see the following message, which might be a clue on why it’s failing:
“java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘on’ is not supported by device ebb1a323-abcb-4b53-8a88-524fe433690f of type ‘Springs Window Fashions Shade’. Supported commands: [setLevel, refresh, ping, open, close, pause, presetPosition, stop] @line 135 (up)”

Looks like the standard DTH no longer supports the ‘on’ and ‘off’ commands and it needs to be changed to ‘open’ and ‘close’.

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*THAT’S what did it… Been wracking my brain trying to figure it out.

Er, - I mean - yes, I can confirm this…

Thanks for figuring this out! I have Spring Window Fashion windows as well and that was the device I added when I set up my shades. Did you change your DTH script and test it? I am wondering if you or someone else that has updated it can post their script. Your help is much appreciated.

I started looking at the code and gave up, lol. There’s the Shady DTH and the smart app - I believe they both need changes. For now, I just updated my scenes and automations to use the shades directly, with open/close commands and they work fine.

Noob question
What am I missing?
Iblinds are installed on ST.
App installed
Device installed

How do I make a group to control the shades as one?


There’s no official support for it. I’ve done it using Smartthings and the help of Home Assistant.

I have Bali Blinds with Somfy motors/controllers…Ive been using Shady to control. Is there an edge drive / app equivalent?

There is an edge driver for the bali/somfy blinds. I have routines set up to manage my blinds based on temperature and time of day. I’m certain you’d be able to do what you’d want.

All of my Shady groups quit working out of the blue today - some sort of SmartThings update perhaps? Anyone else having similar issues? Or having success with an alternative if @whoismoses isn’t supporting Shady anymore? It’s too bad, Shady has been great!

ST started shutting down groovy smartapps last month. The title of this thread has also been updated to OBSOLETE :slight_smile:

You may want to look at virtual devices and routines.


Thank you! After setting everything up ~ 3yrs ago I really haven’t been paying attention to the changes in the ST ecosystem (didn’t need to as long as everything worked…).