FAQ: What the [OBSOLETE] tag means in this section

In 2022, Smartthings began the final phase of its transition to a completely new architecture.

Among other changes, they are no longer providing a free groovy cloud where custom code can run.

Device type handlers (DTHs) then had to be written as Edge Drivers, making all the old, groovy code obsolete.

Smartapps had a more complex transition path. They had to be completely rewritten to use the new REST API and they had to find a new place to be hosted. So again, the old Groovy code became obsolete.

Note that this does not mean that the devices/integrations themselves are obsolete. You can still use a Zooz sensor or an Aeotec relay or the Philips hue bridge integration or the Konnected integration, for example. But you have to find the methods that work with the new architecture.

A good place to start looking is the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki:



A number of people requested that we keep the obsolete code available in the forum, at least for now, for several different reasons.

These threads are often helpful to developers who are writing new edge drivers because they contain a lot of information about the parameters of the devices, as well as discussion about wiring and other tips.

And in some cases, it is possible to still use the code with fairly small modifications if you move it to a different platform/server. That’s not something most people will do, but some people will.

So, for now, the code stays and over the next month or two, we’ll get everything labeled “obsolete“ to make it really obvious.

For now, just be aware that anything written before September 2022 that references groovy is probably obsolete.

And anything marked [OBSOLETE] will only be useful for research purposes, it’s not something you can now use on the current smartthings platform.

Also, as always, many thanks to the dozens of community developers who have contributed so much time and energy to making the platform more usable for all the rest of us. Your efforts have been much appreciated throughout the years. For those who have decided to stop working on custom code, that’s very understandable. For those who have taken the plunge and worked on creating new architecture versions of their prior efforts, a very special thanks – – this place, and this product, wouldn’t be the same without you. :tada: