[OBSOLETE] Roomba 980 Smartthings google home/alexa (2016)

Guys, i am just too excited not to share this! Thank you for this pretty AWESOME community for all the help/suggestions/codes etc.
This is beyond cool.
And my wife is SUPER happy she doesn’t even need to move out of bed now to vacuum the house lol.
Anyhow :slight_smile: I wanted to share a quick video of Google Home / Amazon Alexa integration with SmartThings and Roomba.
Hope you will appreciate this as much as i did lol.


How did you get the Roomba to communicate with ST?

I have a Roomba 980 and would love this.

if you have specific questions, ping me… the thread doesnt have clear cut instructions, so if u get confused let me know.

Any idea if it should work with older roomba versions?

The 900 series is the only one with WiFi built in. Otherwise you need the Thinking Cleaner attachment:

This looks awesome! I just got a roomba 960 and google home and smart things. Since I’m a programming newb, can you help guide on how you set this up? Where/how do I even start to connect my ST to the roomba?

Read this thread:

in essence you need to:
Enable GitHub in ST.
Port into the roomba code.
sniff the roomba for its username and password
modify the roomba code with ur user/password
create new device from code
add the roomba
hook ur google home to ur network
add smartthings to the google home
u will now have the roomba automated.
i know what i wrote here is an extremely high level, but to save duplicate explanations and entries, first read the link i sent u and please feel free to ask specific questions as you are reading and not understanding (it can be a bit overwhelming if you never did this before) . but please read, and we’ll answer whatever specific question you have during the process.

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Any idea if you can make it dock via Google Home? I can get it to start and stop, but I can’t see how to tie the dock command into things.

have not tried, but i guess you can achieve that with IFTTT and google assist channel maybe.

How do I port into the roomba code? What app should I use?

have you read the details on this post:

you will need to follow the steps there, obtain the roomba username and password, modify the code and add a new device in smartthings IDE.

How did you get it to port to smartthings/alexa? I added the device handler and was able to get it to work through the ide, but I don’t know how to do it without a smartapp to tie it to the smartthings app and then alexa.

You add your modified code as a device handler in ide … Then in ide you add a new device. Then on ur app u add it from marketplace my devices.


I’m the author of the code. Be aware that it used to work well but since irobot pushed an upgrade of their firmware it now doesn’t use http protocol any longer, so it won’t work. Haven’t had the time to look into it with the needed dedication. But if you follow most recent posts on the same thread you’ll find some indications on where we’re heading for now in terms of figuring if out.


Yes Sir :slight_smile: i am closely monitoring the githb thread and your thread… :slight_smile: anxiously waiting for it to work again :slight_smile:

WOW! I recently purchased my Roomba 980 and I also have the Amazon Alexa. Can’t wait to pair them!

Hi M.a.S.e., any luck adapting your code to work with the new firmware? Thanks for your valuable contributions.

I too am looking to get my 690 to play with ST. Can this be adapted?


You’ve probably found this out already, but I robot has their own Alexa skill for the Wi-Fi roomba models. So you don’t need SmartThings if you just want voice control of those models.


The Alexa skill work great for me. The iRobot app works great too. I would just wish I could get ST integration so I could use it with webcore and routines.

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