New Roomba 690

I just picked up the Roomba 690 with WiFi. Is there a working DTH or smartapp for the WiFi model Roombas? It works with Amazons Alexa. So I would assume it’s doable. But I’m also in no way a software/coding expert. Thanks!

How does the 690 model compare with the Roomba 650? Is the any better?

So far so good. Had zero issues with it. Does an awesome job on the floors. If only i could get it integrated with ST.

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Bumping this, as there are some black friday deals on the 690 but I don’t want to get it unless I can integrate it with ST. Does the 690 model work with the existing Roomba smart apps like Thinking Cleaner?

It’s quite possible that the 690 works exactly the same as the 980 with the mobile app, might be worth giving this a try:

If you have a harmony hub. You can setup the iRobot 650 and it controls the 690. That’s how I’ve got mine integrated with ST

Michael Beach

Perfect! I do have the Harmony Hub, so I will set it up this way! Thanks @Nunkistein !!

@Nunkistein did you just scan using the Harmony app to find your irobot 650? I don’t see it in the list of supported harmony devices, and my 690 is not showing up in a scan for WiFi devices.

Scanning won’t pick It up as it’s an IR device. You’ll have to manually enter the device details in. Don’t enter the brand as “Roomba”. It’s iRobot, and enter the model as 650.