[OBSOLETE] Rboy enhanced zigbee keypad DTH

I agree that the Xfinity keypad looks bulky. And I wish there were more keypads available to choose from!

The reasons I believed it did matter were the following :

  1. I thought that when there were issues with the DTH, centralite worked with the DTH’s coders to fix the issue. (doesn’t RBoy say he is partnered with Centralite?) (ex: Smartthings messed with their internal code and the centralite DTH needed fixing not too
    long ago…)

  2. Eventually all of the unopened units out there will be bought and I don’t like using used units. If all other Keypad manufacturers aren’t “open to working with Z-wave/zigbee controllers that aren’t their own”, I kind of feel like this is the end of the DIY
    security system. Why buy into ST (or any other open controller) with the intent of it being your security system when eventually you won’t have components (in this case a keypad) to replace broken/old ones…

Perhaps I’m wrong. You can still buy a CHEAP android tablet and use that as a virtual keypad (con there is it needs to stay plugged in). Also, who is to say another company won’t start making keypads to fill the void…

I can keep my Iris v2 a little longer in hopes another company will release a great keypad… For my friend who is building his system from scratch, I’m going to see if he has a old tablet /cellphone laying around. If not, I’ll tell him the get the Iris v3.

Unless of course there are any other suggestions…