How can we use Netatmo Weather Station in 2023?

Hi All,

I used to have the Netatmo Weather station connected to the Smarthings Hub for various things, in particular the outside temperature and wind measurement.

Will there be in integration for Netatmo with the new set up.
Thank you for your comments.

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Take a look at add devices / by brand

You’ll see Netatmo is listed there. I believe it is doing a cloud - cloud integration.

netatmo is a totally disorganized and confused company. it has been appearing as compatible with SmartThings for years, but it refers to the thermostat and valves. a very bad and useless integration. the integration of the weather station on the other hand has never been done by netarmo, what was there had been done by a user of the community, now with the closure of the groovy-based Smartapps, it doesn’t work. Netatmo has not announced any plans to perform this integration, totally incompetent customer support just say their API is public and anyone can build its integration.


Thank you Diego, you are absolutely right.

By any chance can you recommend another “weather system” for smartthings? Especially we would need a good wind sensor.

Im also looking for alternatives to netatmo.
Im in need of co2 sensor that works with smartthings.

Used netatmo before with groovy based integration, and that worked fine in the past …

Looking for a new weather station as well and recommendations of what works well with Smarthings. I never used my phone just tablet dashboard to see the Netamo information so its worthless now!

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For awareness for those looking for weather integration with SmartThings - I have a an Edge driver that supports WeatherUnderground, OpenWeather, US Gov, WeatherFlow Tempest, and Finnish Meteorological Institute weather data sources. There is a catch - and that is that you need to have an always-on computer on your LAN to run a proxy to allow the Edge driver to issue HTTP requests to internet addresses.

See this topic or my README on GitHub.

Hi, am I the only one who struggles with the Netatmo integration in ST? Is there no proper edge driver to use the weather station properly including wind sensors in ST?

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Did U figure something out?

I am so mad about ST, my house was working so greeat, and not its just p*ss…

I hade a ventilation system that was 100% controlled by the ST, and CO2 measure from NETATMO.

No I cant do anything. It really sucks.

Any other CO2 solutions?

No, I’ve contacted the support of Netatmo and they reverted that there would be the api availalable and certainly anyone out of the community can create a driver for that.

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I’m glad I saw this. I was thinking about purchasing Netatmo sensors due to the claimed Smartthings integration. (Posting to follow this thread)

If netatamo has no compatibility are there any other local ones that work with ST that have more than temp and RH? Has anyone tried the EVE matter montior (not one I want, but I’m curious)?

Would be very interesting to have an evidence that Netatmo is advertising with smartthings but finally not supports at all