[OBSOLETE] Netatmo security

ok i got all four (2 presence and 2 welcome) to function for the snapshots, so sweet. I’m just not sure what i’m going to do with this yet, got any plans what you are going to use this for? Eventually I’d like it to trigger a hello text to speech to the person it sees once every day or something.

Yeah I need ideas like that. The welcomes serve as presence devices but as with all other presence detection it isn’t perfect. I can setup events for people recognized to trigger something.

I wonder if I can have alexa say “hi nick” when a welcome cam recognizes me…


I’d love to hear some use cases for this, so does this motion actually work? Mine might not be showing due to settings in security app, I have no notifications when someone is home but thought this SmartApp would still show motion

The webhook follows app settings, which I found annoying while testing (had to set myself away constantly). But it makes sense I guess, the netatmo servers would be generating a lot of traffic otherwise.

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I have installed smart app and device handler , all published and true.
When I open smart app and select connect nettammo smart things app is closed
This happen with iPhone and iPad.

Are you seeing anything in the logs? I recently converted from Apple to Samsung so I have no iDevices to test with unfortunately. Aside from that it is highly unlikely that my code could crash the app entirely since I’m working within the API parameters…

let me know as create a log and I will post

Smartthings doesn’t appear to report when anything is detected, my netatmo wasn’t reporting much for awhile and it started up today again so I went in and it says no activity in last 7 days. I’m just happy it’s integrated for now. Can still capture pictures so no disconnect issues that way.

the 5 minute poll cant get any person data… I’ve updated the smartapp, can you update your code so the debugging will show more?

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I can’t update the SmartApp until I’m home on Friday, silly android copy paste problems. I don’t see where to change the log so it shows more, only have a phone. I had to wait until I got home last time to set it up as it is now.


I have update smartapp but with apple device always crash.
Inside live logging of smartthinks I’m not able to see nothing.

this is what I’m able to see :

sorry for stressing I have done a mistake inside configuration ( missed url )
Now is OK.

Sorry again

i updated all smartapp and device handlers. The welcome cameras don’t appear to be recognizing when they see me in front of them anymore.

logs me as present as a presence sensor tho, so that’s functioning. just going into the actual camera i can’t seem to do much but take a picture.

Figured out my issue for the deleted comment. I couldn’t add someone new without an error happening when I save. So I was going to delete the app, I removed all associations with any other SmartApp and then I tried saving and it worked. It’s a pain to do everytime I add a new face to the device list but doable.

Hi guys, thank you so much for all your work on the Netatmo Security integration so far.

We were burgled 2 weeks ago & SmartThings notified us thru a door sensor, & triggered my Arlo cams to gather evidence. However because of the Arlo’s non specific motion detection, I decided it was time to tighten security with lighting & accurate motion type detection so we would be notified sooner without a flood of general motion alerts.

So I bought 3 Netatmo Presence devices, specifically because of your ongoing integration for ST. Set up has been quite straight forward & the cams have been running brilliantly these last 24 hours.

Something we do need is the ability to disable/enable monitoring on specific cams depending on the ST home/away/night modes. I can do this with my Arlo’s by including them in ST scenes; doing the same with the Presence shows in ST as off, but it is still actively alerting/recording from both ST & NS.

Sorting that bit out would make your integration ideal for me! Fantastic results so far for such a recent & complex integration, so thank you! :sunglasses:

Ill fix that, there’s only two of us here and I never add other faces, but I will make a dummy familiy member :slight_smile:

@eddiejc thanks for the donation I will add the link with the ST modes asap :wink:


Coolio, is there also a way to get the alerts from Netatmo via ST without the NS notifying me as well?

I’m thinking that for ST to receive the info from NP, the NS app needs to be configured to register all motion notifications & then for your ST integration to filter the notifications I want? Am I understanding correctly?