[OBSOLETE] Neo Coolcam Siren

I won’t be converting this DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired.

This is a DTH for the new Neo Coolcam Siren (NAS-AB02ZU) which has a blue led.

IMPORTANT: A lot of the posts in this topic mention that the device is not supported in the new mobile app’s Automations feature and that it requires the Speaker Companion or Smart Lighting SmartApp, but the version released on 9/13/2020 should be fully supported.

Instructions for playing chimes in the new mobile app

  1. Open the device’s settings in the mobile app and change the “Switch On Action” setting to “Do Nothing”.

  2. Go into Automations and create a new one.

  3. Configure the “If” section that will trigger the chime to play.

  4. Select the device from the “Then” > “Control Devices” section and tap next.

  5. If the “Dimmer” option is disabled then change “off” to “on”.

  6. Tap Dimmer and specify a number between 1-10 which will be the sound # that plays when this automation is triggered.


  • The Siren Sound setting has a “Strobe” option that will turn on the LED without playing a sound.

  • The Switch On Action setting allows you to choose what the siren does when it’s used like a switch and turned on.

  • The Slider tile allows you to play the 9 chime sounds.

  • You can use any SmartApp to play the sounds by selecting the device as a dimmer. (Dimmer levels 1% - 9% plays sounds 1-9, level 10% plays sound 1, level 20% plays 2, level 30% plays sound 3, etc.)

  • This handler should solve the duplicate chime problem.





First of all, thanks for another great handler.

I have 2 questions that i don’t know if you can help me:

1- Do you know for what the Chime matters?

2- I use this siren in case my door sensor is triggered, but i would like to know if i can use it also with the Neo Coolcam water sensor (with a different sound from the one i use for security).

The water sensor is connected to a Z-Wave motor and when the sensor detects water, it send a command for the motor to close the water tap. Then, i receive a notification on the Smartthings Classic app but i would like to have it triggering the siren with a specific sound and volume.


I’m not sure what you’re asking.

In the Leaks section of Smart Home Monitor choose Alert with Lights, select the siren, and set the level to the sound # you want to play. 10% = #1, 20% = #2, etc.

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Sorry for not properly explain my doubt. I don’t know what is the Chime function.

Regarding the rest, i’m using the Classic app so it doesn’t have the SHM, but i’ll try to find a way.


The chime plays the same sounds as the siren except the chime only plays the sound once.

I’m not sure about the new app, but the Classic app has SHM…

Either way, you can do the same thing with Smart Lighting.

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You’re right about SHM; sorry for the confusion.

Didn’t know i could use the siren with the light option.


Just one more question:
How can i use the SHM in “Stay” mode for setting it to trigger the siren with only a beep and a lower volume when my sensor detects that the door was opened?
If i go to the security option, it doesn’t let me configure the Away and Stay mode independently.


The siren is a siren so it can’t play a single beep.

The device uses configuration parameters to set the volume so the siren and chime can be a different volume, but all the chime sounds will play at the same volume.

I don’t use SHM so I can’t help with this question.

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I just purchased NeoCam Siren Alarm (green lights, not blue). Used your device handler above and published in IDE with no issues. Paired siren to hub, via classic app. Configured siren. Went to set up a custom monitoring rule. Got all the way to the end and went to “audio notifications” and my siren is not listed. Any clue why? all i want to do is for it to chime when contact sensors are opened. Please help

Hello Sir. I recently purchased from Amazon a Neo Siren Alarm for my Smartthings System. Copied your code from above and pasted in IDE. Created, saved and published. No issues. Paired with Hub, no issues. Shows up as Neo CoolCamr Siren. Went and configured siren with no issues. Went to set up a custom monitoring rule. No issues. At the very end I went to audio notifications to enable siren. I was NOT listed as a source for audio. Any ideas? All I want this siren to do is chime when a door sensor is opened. Please help and thanks!!

Choose the light notification option and use the dimmer level to specify which chime to play. 10% = sound 1, 20% = sound 2, etc.

That me give that a try. Thanks

That worked and thanks so much. Appreciate it

Hi, if I wanted just the Strobe, is that selection is dimmer 100%?

I think it’s 100%, but it might be 90%. It should be easy enough to test.

The model with Red LEDs doesn’t have a silent track so it doesn’t support strobe. I wrote the handler using the model with the Blue LEDs so I know that model supports it, but I’m not sure about their latest model that has Green LEDs.

I have the NAS-AB02ZU-G model, the green LED. So, the 100% or the 90% is not just the Strobe.

Hi, I have the Zipato version of this, NE-NAS-AB02Z.EU from Amazon. Picture is blue, but I got red LED.

Was wondering if this can be modified to work with it somehow. On the basic Z-Wave Siren, this device only work on and off but not the other features such as the chime etc. I would have like to use it as a door bell too.

At the moment, using this handler the device is showing as off when it’s on, and when pressing one of the buttons such as “strobe” it was working with the siren too. Any ideas?

Hi, Sorry if this dumb question, I am newbie to smartthings.

I am trying to get the coolcam siren working in smartthings but cant seem to find it in the app when searching, I have copied all the code to new device handler saved and published. I have tried to use various ways of finding the device but it still cannot be found.

Please help, what am doing wrong, do I add it as a generic z-wave device or a light bulb or a switch…?

Thanks in advance!

Install the SmartThings Classic app and then add the device from the “Things” screen and while it’s searching for the device press the button 3x really fast.

If that doesn’t work then you should factory reset the device or perform a general exclusion from the hub utilities in the IDE.


For all dimmer settings (10-100%) its playing same sound. How to get different sounds?