Neo Cool Cam Siren/Alarm Sensor

Just got one. Worked straight out of the box. It installed as a Generic Z-Wave Switch. I updated to the Dome Siren link above (its not a camera that’s a typo). Gives lots of options for chimes and sirens and I had no problems with distance. All in all happy bunny :grinning:

Does the Neo Coolcam Siren Alarm works with the custom Dome Siren DH? I got mine (Neo Coolcam SA), successfully detected under z-wave siren. After changing DH to the custome Dome Siren DH, it doesn’t work now. Any clue?

Solved after going thru the setting and click “save” on Smartthings app.

I use “Zooz Smart Chime” Handler. It works perfectly.
Please refer to [RELEASE] Zooz Smart Chime for more info.

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Just got my Neo coolcams Siren working with the Dome Handler published above - very easy!

my original Dome Siren died after about 12 mths of use - I now have a Neo Coolcam Siren (looks identical to the dome)
I already had the Dome device handler installed from the old one - do I need to remove and reinstall it to get the Neo siren to work the same as the dome used to?

I have the neo installed as just a siren at the moment

Need to help to get it to work like the dome used to


Thanks for the tips on here mine up and running in minutes great work guys…

Hi, hope you are having a good day, I am having same problem with neocool siren, could you please share me that how did you solve your issue,?

It was quite some time ago. Reading from my earlier post, this is what I think I did. Go to the thing on your SmartThings app on your mobile phone. Click the gear shape to open the setting screen of the thing. Make the changes you want on the setting page. Then click “save” at the top corner to exit the setting screen.

Thank you for your information.

I am having the same issue.

Hi , did you get any solution ??

Pair the siren and then change the Type for the device in the IDE to the Dome handler.

For me it seems that the siren has all the features of Dome siren only on the old ios app, the new one has only on off only. Is there a way to fix this or it is one of the things that the new app does not have yet?


Anybody managed to automate any other sound, except the actual alarm sound? I was hoping to automate the ring sound when a door opens but I can not find how to do it.

I have got mine to beep if a door is left open using a smart app. There does t seem to be a smart app to beep if a contact opens. I would like this too. Would help you realise if one of the kids managed to escape

This thread has been super helpful. As an additional help for people like me who are totally new to this, there is a great video showing how it’s done using krlaframboise’s code. Just note there are some additional steps in the video description that you need to perform before the code will get applied to your Neo…
The video description also includes all the relevant links you need to get the job done!
Thanks to all who have posted here. Made my day!

Hi Henrik how did you change to the Generic siren?

I have one but it is just “on/off” when i paired to smart hub i paired it as "neo coolcam"as it did not find it automatically i had to go into other devices bit

any advice, pulling my hair out!!!