[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

Any one now how often the Schlage Touchscreen Lock should send its battery level?
And how low the battery can get before having issues.

Reason i ask is this morning one of my locks beep at me and flashed a yellow light before locking.
I just asume this is a warning that the batteries are getting low?
However the dth says its at 90%

Apparently, once the lock reached 90% it stopped talking to the hub but it still locked and unlocked via the keypad.
I first tried a zwave extender and ran repair, No help.
Replaced batteries and every thing are happy again!

You need to make sure you have the Z-Wave Lock Reporting DTH installed and published in your Smartthings IDE site. Once installed, you’ll need to find your lock under “My Devices” and make sure its Type is “Z-Wave Lock Reporting”. Edit your device and change it to that type if needed.

the lock reporting dth can be found here:

when you install it and go to edit your device, scroll to the very bottom of the list - a custom dth is generally placed at the bottom of the pull-down list.

It shouldn’t matter if SmartThings sees it as a Kwikset 910 lock. It should be working fine once you apply the Zwave Lock Reporting DTH that @jkp linked. In addition to the Kwikset 916, I just installed the Kwikset 912 and it was detected as the 910 but works fine with Lock Manager and the DTH.

What does review and manage active lock codes mean? On my Schlage 468 I only see a blank slot number even though I know them to contain 4 digit code. I would like to be able to see the actual code and slot number for a specific lock, whether entered through the lock manager app or from the lock keypad. Is that possible? When you say review and manage lock codes assumed it meant all codes in the lock.

Hey I just got this app (I got smartthings yesterday)

Just wanted to say, I tried home assistant and open hab, and smartthings (with this) is by far a superior product. Well done in making a great tool, and your instructions are well documented, thanks for spending time to write up documentation for all levels of smartthings exposure.

Kind regards
Steven Azari

Make sure you enabled notifications for both the lock and user in Lock Manager. Enable push notifications as well and then enable for lock/unlock.

This looks really cool.
But I am struggling to Get going.
I am failing at the first step of the user guide.
I dont seem to have the option "Enable GitHub Integration"
Any ideas ?

If you click on the lock you installed, there is a notification section in it as well that needs to be enabled.

You might have already enabled github integration, if not (and you are in the UK), there is a post providing a direct link to the github integration process.

Good luck.

Thank You so much.
Have it working now.
Great app.
Very well put together.

Not sure what to tell you at this point. Perhaps you can try typing in your phone number manually instead of selecting a contact in your address book. Other than that, hopefully someone else will know and can assist.

Hi, I am using the Yale Keyfree Connected lock with Z-wave module, it’s a standard door lock (handle with lock) with a keypad and key override. I have this correctly setup and everything works great.

However, I have noticed that the door lock standard setup, is different from adding a key pad.

The instructions state NOT to add keypads for door locks that come with keypads, but there is missing functionality in the standard door lock.

The standard door lock setup, doesn’t include notifications for incorrect keypad attempts, while the keypad does, this functionality would be useful for anyone with either locks… so not sure why it’s been omitted from the standard setup if we aren’t supposed to use the keypad along side it…

I have tried to enter an incorrect entry 3 times, and didn’t get any notification despite the keypad saying to alert after 1.

any help is greatly appreciated.

I have removed the “Lock”, and kept the “Keypad”, even though my door is both, unfortunately still not getting any notification.

First, thanks for making this!

I have the Keypad Schalge Connect. I set things up and it is working with ST and it appears I have successfully installed the lock manager.

I have one issue. The Lock Manager is not remembering anything. I set up a Lock and a User. I then leave the app and come back in and it is all gone. Help!

Use the Lock Manager in Automation: SmartApps not the one in MarketPlace: SmartApps: My Apps.

Anybody able to suggest any simpler, less destructive troubleshooting on this issue, before I try a lock reset?

I’ve got something going on w/codes.

First issue:

A few weeks ago I set up a new use/code, lets say as 12345. That worked fine.

Then decided I wanted to change it, let’s say to 12346. Result:

  • Original code still works
  • Updated code does not work

Second issue:

Just today I set up a new user w/code. Result:

  • New User Code doesn’t work - waited several hours to ensure it wasn’t an update lag issue. The new code is rejected when I try to use it on the lock.

I’m being careful to use the correct number of digits (5) for the codes, and also ensuring that I don’t try to use a slot already taken by a previous account.

Lock is Schlage Camelot, and as I posted a couple messages up, I have the latest DTH/SmartApps installed from your repository, and am using the Schlage-specific DTH for the lock. The lock is 10’ away from two GE Zwave switches that act as Zwave repeaters, so communication between hub and lock should be fine. Other Zwave devices in my house much farther away work w/out issue.

Is it time to reset the lock and start over, or are there smaller steps I can take to troubleshoot and attempt to resolve these issues w/users-codes? I have the lock in several automations and would prefer to fix things w/out a reset if possible.

Thank you!!!

Time to make a donation now.

Did you delete or disable the old user accounts you were replacing?

The Lock Manager app doesn’t have a feature to send text/notifications when an incorrect code is entered from the lock. I believe @ethayer previously mentioned this was a feature that he would look into potentially adding in a future update.